Top 5 Work from Home Jobs in Lagos

Working from home now is very common. It has become the new normal post-pandemic. So many companies now prefer their workers to work remotely because it is cost-effective. Are you in Lagos Nigeria? These are the top 5 work-from-home jobs you can do in Lagos. The traffic situation of Lagos is nothing to write home about for the working class. It is extremely stressful to work in Lagos. Working from home is now a good option for anyone who wants to avoid the stressful nature of Lagos traffic.


As a translator, your major role is to translate or interpret from one language to other. To be a good translator, you must have mastery of the languages involved. This will allow you to be a sought-after translator.

Web Developer

A web developer works on the website design of a client. You can work from anywhere in any part of Lagos. Your major role is to make sure your client’s front end is fully functioning. As a web developer, you work on the code, and visuals of webs sites. All these you can do in the comfort of your home.

Information Business Machines

Social Media Marketer

In this age of the internet and social media, the way we market or put our products before customers has changed from the traditional pattern to the digital way. Companies now dish out content on their various digital channels to attract potential buyers whether it is a product or service. Social Media Marketer maintains the online presence of his company. This job is not restricted to office space. You could be in your house in Ikorodu and work for a company in Lekki. That’s the comfort internet accessibility has brought to humankind.

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Data Analyst

Are you a data analyst? This is a good opportunity for you to work remotely in Lagos because companies now prefer to hire people to work from home. The major reason is that businesses are trying to reduce the cost of maintaining the staff they keep on their payroll. Therefore giving some roles to remote workers now makes a lot of sense. Such includes a data analyst whose job is to interpret data sets for companies to make insightful decisions.

Graphic Design

One of the high-in-demand jobs is graphic design. It is putting text and images together to create a message. This job is in demand in Lagos among companies in publishing and social media management. Most companies in Shomolu are always requesting for this kind of remote job. So explore this area and other viable options in Lagos to constantly get jobs to do remotely in Lagos.


The importance of working from home can’t be underemphasized. It gives the freedom needed to have a work-life balance. Productivity level is high in remote working. These are some fantastic advantages it offers. Lagosians, why will you prefer to work from home? Leave your comment below. Share this post on your social media.