Where to Learn Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria (Free and Paid)

Do you want to find where to Learn Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria? Is affiliate marketing difficult? No! What’s the best way to learn about affiliate marketing, if you may ask me? I will say there are different ways of learning about affiliate marketing in Nigeria or any other part of the world.

These resources I have personally used to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start an online business journey. These major ways I will be explaining to you will guide you on how to become a successful affiliate marketer in a short period. You can learn from video content, blogs like this one and other online courses.

Online Beginners Class

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Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

The history of online marketing is not complete without talking about Sunny Ojeagbase of Succes Digest. The late publisher laid the foundation for the new era in the online space for Nigerians. There are several affiliate marketing in Nigeria today. One of the prominent affiliate networks is Expertnaire. It is very popular that several people mistake it to be affiliate marketing. Understand there are differences between affiliate marketing and affiliate network.

The two work hand in hand but they are not the same. One is a platform for vendors who have created products for affiliate marketers. While the other is a process of promoting what has been created. So Expertnaire is a platform for vendors who have created digital products for affiliate marketers. While marketers like you go to the platform to look for products you like to promote.

Where to learn Affiliate Marketing: YouTube Channel

There are online resources you can leverage to learn about affiliate marketing. Such a digital space is YouTube. As it is known that YouTube is the Google in form of video content. It is the second largest search engine after Google.

There are online videos you can watch to learn more about affiliate marketing. But be careful to learn about the right method because there online videos about online money making by people who called themselves gurus in the online business who have never made money online.

They are just looking for YouTube views to boost their watch hour. You Can Learn About Affiliate Marketing Through Blogs.

How much does it cost to learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

The cost of learning affiliate marketing in Nigeria depends on choice of learning platform you choose to learn from. It is free to learn affiliate marketing on YouTube. There are paid courses also ranging from 10,000 – 70,000 naira only.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Through Online Courses

Another option is to learn through Google Digital garage. This platform has a collection of basic digital skills you need to kick-start your affiliate marketing journey. Visit the website to learn about affiliate marketing

Visit Giant Alert for Paid Courses

The Skills You Need to Learn

Because affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing, you must understand that there are steps involved before a buyer concludes on purchasing the things you are recommending. The first stage of the buyer’s journey is the awareness stage.

You can create awareness through ads and other forms of online marketing eg YouTube and blogging. So the following skills will be handy for you as a would-be affiliate marketer:

Skill: Content Creation

As an affiliate marketer, you must learn about creating useful, valuable and helpful content always. It can be in form of video, audio or text. All these require you to have in-depth knowledge about what you will be talking about. The sole purpose of content is to be able to connect with your audience. Content creation for beginners is always a big challenge. The best way is to look into what others have created and learned. Don’t copy other people’s content, please. It is a serious offense.

Skill 2: Sales Funnel Building

There is a popular saying, there is money in the list. This means that there is money in the list of the email address you have. The quality of your email determines the quality of your sales.

This is not where I am going yet. Sales funnel building involves a process of creating awareness for a product till the potential buyer purchases the product. So you must learn about this process of funnel creation using email marketing tools. I recommend using Systeme io for your funnel creation. Visit Systeme io

You will need a bit of web design skills to create a comprehensive sales funnel. Don’t need to worry too much about this. Why? Because you can outsource it. Reach out to me to design your sales funnel at temitope@platinumstore.ng

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Other Things you Need to Learn

Beyond the above skills I have listed you will definitely need to know more about How to pick a niche for your affiliate. A niche is an aspect of affiliate marketing you want to promote. Don’t make this mistake of promoting everything at the same time. Pick a particular product you know about and you have audience for. Without pick a niche, you will be running up and down with a focus. Then you lose.
How to promote your affiliate links.
Visit this to learn more about how to promote affiliate links.


Becoming an affiliate marketer is a journey. It is a marathon. You keep learning about skills and strategies to win in the market space. I have highlighted some of the key things you need to learn and where to learn them. Which of these listed above is your preferred?