Virony Pad in Nigeria

Are you looking for amazing feminine hygiene products like Virony pad? Virony Nigeria Limited produces Virony Smart Lady Pad. It is a Chinese multinational company. It has its headquarters in Guangzhou, China. There are various well-known brands from this company.

One thing this company will never compromise is quality. You will hardly see a household in Nigeria today without one product of Virony. These include female sanitary pads, kitchen, and sanitary wares, baby diapers, baby wipes, etc.

Another thing that marks them out is the affordability of these products despite their high quality. The company is being run, by Madam Lily. A female Chinese entrepreneur who is vast in experience businesses in Africa and China.

Virony Smart Lady Pad

I can bet it with you that Virony Smart Lady Pad was the first foursquare pad introduced into the Nigerian market before other companies begin the zip-style form of packaging female hygiene products.

Virony Pad

It is the market leader in the zip pad styled product. Smart Lady Pad is unique and light. It makes ladies comfortable during their period. It is packaged in a series of 30 pieces with 3 different variants. These include heavy flow, normal flow, and panty liners.

You rest assured that you can’t exhaust this within a month. It comes in handy and pocket-size format. You would love it. Ladies, what do you like about Virony Smart Lady Pad? Leave your comment below.

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Virony Precious Lady

A smart company, with a smart strategy Virony Precious Lady Pad, is another wonderful product from the same company. The strategy is simple! The company wants everyone lady to be able to afford and have access to sanitary pads. If you can’t buy Smart Lady Pad, you should be able to buy Precious Lady. It has 14 pieces inside. It comes in pocket-size format too. It is very affordable and has nice packaging. How will you rate your experience with Bring Precious Lady Pad?

Virony Pad


Conclusion If there is any pad that is well-known today in Nigeria, I am confident that you will choose Virony in the top 3. Make your monthly period experience a comfortable one. It will not be a bad idea to start distributing Smart Lady Pad as a distributor. Leave a comment below if you are interested in distributing Virony products.