Ultimate Guide on How to Sell on Marketplace

What is a marketplace? Selling online today is made simple through the internet. So, a place where buyers and sellers meet are called the marketplace.

There are different marketplaces to list items for free in order to sell them to willing buyers. If you are familiar or you have bought items on eBay, Amazon, Jiji, Jumia then you know what I am talking about.

Why do you need to sell on these marketplaces? One simple reason is that there are a lot of buyers who visit these platforms to buy. Another good reason, they are free to join. So, I will be showing you what to sell and how to sell. So, leverage these marketplaces for your individual or small business growth.  

You need to see these platforms as a normal strategy to grow your sales.

How to Sell on Marketplace  

So, you want to sell on marketplace? This is a fantastic idea that must be approached through the right way.  Before I give you more information, please note that different platforms have different rules on what should be sold on their platforms. These restrictions would be discussed in details later.

The first step is for you to register. The registration process is pretty simple. With your email address and few details, you are ready to be listed on the market place. Take for example, Facebook Marketplace is automatically opened for you when you registered for your Facebook account.   

Now that you have registered, then it is time to list your items. Look for good mages of the products you planned to sell. Choose the right section for your product. Let me make it clear, choose the category in which your products should be. You can’t list baby products where you sell health supplements. It won’t work that way.     

The best way to get visibility on marketplace is to use the right keywords your buyers are using to search for items on the internet. To get the right keywords, just type the name of the product you intend to sell.

You will definitely get list of keyword ideas your buyers are using to get information about what they want. The best bet for you is optimizing those keywords to your advantage. Note that you don’t need to be an SEO expert to get this done.  

Another trick to get in front of your willing buyers is to check out what categories people like most. All you need is to model after such categories. Look into why people like the categories, what they sell and how they do their listing etc.

Online Marketplaces in Nigeria

Online marketplaces are rapidly springing up in Nigeria. The growth of e-commerce is in the heart of this unprecedented growth. There are numerous online marketplaces in Nigeria today, but I am going to limit it to the popular ones.  

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is perhaps the best of these online marketplaces. Available data shows that close to 40 million Nigerians are on Facebook. Selling on the Facebook marketplace is a good idea because the monthly visit to this app is huge and easy to list on Facebook Marketplace.

I assume you already have a Facebook account. You can create free account here if you don’t have. The next step is to login and look for shop icon on you.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace was birth in 2016 but has redefined how people use social media to sell. The population on of Facebook users runs in to billions globally. This means you can be local but sell global.

If you can leverage very well on Facebook Marketplace, you will have a growth that you can’t imagine within possible time. This you need to approach with right strategy. Make use of Facebook SEO to list your products.

Place your products in the right categories. Take a look into an existing category that is doing very and copy what is working for them. Detail description of your items is another thing to consider. Give as full detail as possible. People would love it.

Know your limit on what you can sell on this platform for you not be banned. What mostly sells well on Facebook Marketplace are physical products. You are not allowed to sell digital products and health-related goods. You are allowed to sell both new items and used ones.

Jiji Marketplace 

Jiji Marketplace


How to sell on Jiji is easy. Jiji Nigeria is one of the leading online marketplaces you can find in the country. It is free to list on Jiji but you are can run a paid ad on the platform. Jiji is also known to be a cheap platform to run paid ads.

You will need to register before you can sell on the platform. How do you register on Jiji as a seller?

Follow the steps below.  Create a Jiji account by entering your best email address. You will need to confirm this email address by clicking on the link sent to the email address you provided during the registration process.  You will need to upload a good profile picture for easy recognition and proper branding. This makes it easy for people to easily connect with you on Jiji online store. So it is now to create your first post on Jiji. Look for the icon “Post Free Ad”.

Click on the “Post Free Ad”. The next step is to select the category you will like to post your item. Let’s assume you sell cars and you are based in Abuja. You can list your items in Jiji Cars Abuja or a Lagos-based dealer can sell on Jiji Cars Lagos. Your ads would be reviewed by Jiji Team after submission if it meets the required product standard and to check whether the products are not forbidden on the platform.

Always make sure to upload pictures that show detail information about what you wan to sell. Clear and appropriate. Include the right keywords.

Create your Jiji account here    

 Jumia Marketplace

Anyone can sell on Jumia Marketplace. If you are looking for how to make money on Jumia, welcome to the right place. There are different ways of making money on Jumia, you can sell as a vendor.

You can become an affiliate on Jumia. But I am going to be dwelling much on how to make money on Jumia as a seller. The benefits of selling on Jumia is great for anyone who plans to make money online especially on Jumia Marketplace.  Jumia remains one of the fastest ways to increase your sales and reach your customers.

On Jumia website, you will need to create your own Jumia Store. Jumia Seller registration involves a 4-step process that can be done within five minutes.

  1. Fill the Registration form
  2. Activate your seller centre account
  3. List your products
  4. Promote and Market Your Product.

One good thing is that you are not left alone because Jumia has a training program for all who have seller Centre accounts.

Create Jumia Seller Account here.   


Selling on marketplace should be a priority for you if you want to grow quickly and reach many customers very fast. Marketplaces offer you a wider reach directly to consumers.

Explore this opportunity available. Most are free to join. So there is no excuse for you not to be on these platforms. If this article has been helpful, do me a favour by sharing it for others to see. I would be happy if you did.

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