4 Products You Can Find in Trade Fair Market Lagos

Trade Fair Lagos is known as one of the biggest markets in Lagos. It stands out as a major market where manufacturers, Distributors and wholesalers sell their products to buyers.

The market serves as a major hub for most West African countries. It is very close Apapa Sea Port. So importers and exporters leverage this closeness to seaports.
The market is sectionalized into different sections called plazas.

These plazas are named after each state in Nigeria. So if you are new to the Trade Fair market please pay attention to this. You will see plazas like Bauchi Plaza, Lagos Plaza, Imo Plaza etc. There are private plazas also within the market.

Why Lagos Trade Fair Market?

Are you looking for where to get products at wholesale prices? Lagos Trade Fair is your best bet for original products directly from the distributors, manufacturers and company representatives.

International suppliers and producers are always present on several occasions in the market to display goods to potential buyers.
If you are an e-commerce business owner or a drops-hipper, then you need to explore this market because you can easily get various products at cheap prices.

Besides, some logistics companies will help you ship to your customers promptly. Here are the products you find in Trade Fair.

Cosmetics Products

The beauty industry is huge because everyone wants to look good. Women especially can’t joke with cosmetics because it adds to their beauty. The demand for cosmetic products will always increase no matter the economic conditions.

So starting a cosmetic business is a  good idea. There are different cosmetics companies in Nigeria that you find their presence in Trade Fair Market. Trade Fair is where to buy cosmetics in bulk in Nigeria at a very reduced price. 

You can easily find different types of cosmetics in the trade fair market. A good example is Zaron cosmetics, Zikel cosmetics etc. These are the plazas to find authorised distributors of different types of cosmetics Products in the Trade Fair Market – Imo, Plateau, Taraba Plazas

Human Hair

Where to buy original cheap human hair wholesale is a big problem for so many retailers who want to make money in the hair distribution business.

Now read this article further to get the information you need. Understand that Trade Fair Lagos stands as the best location to get the cheapest price of human hair in Nigeria. You get trendy and latest human hair from this market.

You can get human hair at wholesale in Trade Fair from the  plazas : Sokoto Plaza, Omo Plaza, Ekiti Plaza

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Baby Products

Do you have any baby product business ideas you will like to start? This is a lucrative business because each year over 4 million babies are born into Nigerian families. The baby product industry is worth over 219 globally as of 2021.

So what baby product brands are you looking for as a wholesaler or individual? Trade Fair Market gets a lot of patronage from virtually all the states in Nigeria when it comes to baby products. Is it baby diapers, baby food, maternity care etc?

Name it, you will get them in large quantities as you want them. From Lagos Plaza to Adamawa, rest assured that you will see importers of the baby product brands you want within these plazas.

Read more about baby products business ideas.


If you love to drink or are in the business of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, then try to visit Lagos Trade Fair for shopping. Whether local or foreign beverage. This business is dominated by the eastern brother tribe – Igbo people, especially from Anambra State.

The beverage industry is huge because after water the next liquid is beverage that human beings consume more than any other products.

Beverages are used for different reasons and on different occasions. So human beings must drink on occasion. So doing the business of beverages is super lucrative. You will need to explore Trade Fair Market for different assortment.

Beverage distributors liter everywhere in this international complex called Trade Fair.
Be vigilant and make sure you are buying from the right source – which should logically be cheaper and offer superior quality.


Now you have an idea of products you can buy from Trade Fair Market in Lagos, now is the time to leverage on this opportunity to start selling at cheaper price to beat your competitors. W

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