Top 10 Affiliate Marketers in Nigeria: The Online Marketers with Results in Nigeria

You might be wondering who are the top 10 affiliate marketers in Nigeria. Don’t worry anymore, I am going to be revealing their details to you shortly. I don’t just want to assume that you know all about affiliate marketing. Let me define affiliate marketing before I go deeper.

I am simply defining affiliate marketing as the way of selling other people’s products online. It is a business model that is redefining how we make money through digital means. Are you ready to see the top ten affiliate marketers who are making money in the online space in Nigeria today?

Don’t consider them lucky but they are risk takers because they started when internet connectivity was slow, no materials for learning were not easily accessible, and data cost was high then. So, they bell the cat early.

Just like the first law of commerce, Success comes to who gets to the market first. I remember one of these lists said it took him more than sixteen years to break even on the internet. But today, he is a multimillionaire in naira. Let’s take a look at the list of online marketers in Nigeria:

Blessing Kolawole

You may be asking who is Blessing Kolawole? He is popularly known online as African Giant. It is interesting to know that Blessing is a senior pastor of a church based in Abuja Nigeria – Helpville Christian Centre. He started an online class called giant class where he teaches a lot of beginner’s class on how to make money online.

 Honestly, if you are looking for an honest affiliate marketer with real free premium value in Nigeria pastor Blessing is number one. He is a Youtuber also. You can sign up for his classes here. Blogging is his hobby.

Well, I don’t see any successful affiliate marketer without blogging skills. You can join his class for beginners or masterclass for blogging. Sign up for it but it comes with a price.

Toyin Omotoso

From being broke to being rich, that’s the story of Toyin Omotoso. He can expressly teach you how to make money online without blinking. He has created an online platform called Expertnaire. This is an online marketplace for vendors and affiliates to promote digital products.

He has redefined the online space in Nigeria with his course – 72IG. This is a digital product that teaches how to start digital marketing. It is a complete bundle because it contains a lot of sub-courses that you can easily digest in order to master the skill needed to succeed online. Toyin authored a book recent called How to Really Win at the Game of Affiliate Marketing.

Oloye Akin Alabi     

 Before he ventured into Nigerian politics, he was one of the dominant online teachers. Most online marketers today were mentored by him. What else would love to know about this online genius? Let me quickly add this.

The popular book “How to Sell to Nigerians” is being authored by Akin Alabi. He divested into the betting industry very early having started the well-known betting company – NairaBet. His international exposure to marketing gave him insight and thorough knowledge of affiliate marketing.    

Ronald Nzimora

I will be discussing this rare breed of an online marketer in Nigeria today. Ronald Nzimora is head of Nexus Digital Agency based in Lagos. He is one of the founding members of online marketing in Nigeria.

He is known for his “stubbornness with purpose”. You can’t have him in the same room and not be inspired. He is a guru when it comes to affiliate marketing and e-commerce business.

Ronald is popular for his book – Mafia Offers. When I mentioned to you that Ronald is “positively stubborn”, you were surprised? His determination to make outside education was just one case study.

He left university without finishing his degree. Today, he is a living proof that education is beyond the wall of the classroom. What else would you love to learn about this internet genius? Drop it in the comment section.

Patrick Ogidi

Patrick Ogidi is an e-commerce strategist. To succeed as an e-commerce expert and affiliate marketer, you need to understand how to use email marketing software. This is the tool Patrick can deploy very well to achieve his aim.

He is a master in mail sequencing and other email marketing. Genius for all e-commerce planning and execution.     

Sam Harvard

If you have been under Sam Harvard training, it is like going to Harvard Business School. The only thing you will lack is just the certificate from HBS. Learnoflix affiliate is the brainchild of Sam.

The online marketing platform for affiliate marketing is well known in Nigeria and other African countries. Sam Harvard Learnoflix is recently launched in Cameroon. Many Nigerian online marketers were present like Bruno, Kenny Nwokoye, etc.  

Kenny Nwokoye

Who is Kenny Nwokoye? He is a well-known affiliate marketer. “From Zero to Hero Affiliate”, The mentorship program of Kenny Nwokoye. He rose to prominence in affiliate marketing through his Clubhouse Platform called Millionaire Club Hack.

Don’t let anything hold you back no matter what. This has been Kenny’s message to anyone. He had a little setback in his place of work before entering into affiliate marketing. He has spoken on various platforms in Nigeria, Dubai, and other countries in the world.

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Jacto Precious

Jacto Precious is known in the space of affiliate marketing in Nigeria today. He became famous for online money-making through Expertnaire.

He has won so many fantastic awards on Expertnaire because of consistent sales performance on the platform promoting Toyin Omotoso’s 72 IG Program.

Franklin Emmanuel  

Franklin Emmanuel is a digital marketing enthusiast who has flourished as an affiliate marketer and YouTuber.

He is famous for promoting the popular Owodaily which he claimed to have amassed millions of naira. Frank is one of the few Youtubers in Nigeria to have over 90K Youtube followers.     

Caleb Nwanneka

Expertnaire affiliate platform has produced a lot of online millionaires. Caleb Nwanneka is a force to be reckoned with in the world of affiliate marketing in Nigeria. He has won several awards from the Expertnaire platform.        


Affiliate marketing is producing a lot of millionaires and to succeed in the online space, you need to be resilient and have grit.

But if you need to figure it out how to be more successful in affiliate marketing, you can follow these people I have listed here in this article. You just have to model after whatever they have done. Don’t copy, just model.  Success is inevitable. Drop your comment below.