Three Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Links

I assume you know what affiliate marketing means. Well, let me make it clear to you that affiliate marketing is the selling of other people’s products online.

There are different stages you can be at in your affiliate journey.
Whichever stage you are at, this article is for you because I am going to be revealing 3 amazing ways to promote your affiliate links that will get you the desired results.
Do you want these results fast and easy? Then let’s go!

The Beginner’s Way

If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, you will understand that there are challenges that come with the promotion of affiliate marketing links. There is no headache that can’t be less than your links being banned by various algorithms of different platforms—from Facebook to Medium, etc.

If you want to stay long and last in your affiliate journey, then you need to pay attention to what I am about to tell you about using this medium to promote your affiliate links. One platform is Quora. Although Quora doesn’t allow the promotion of affiliate links, there is a way to do this. Remember that Quora is an online forum that has millions of online visits per month.

Don’t forget that the success you will record in your affiliate business depends majorly on traffic generation. And the amount of traffic Quora can generate for you is massive if you can use it effectively as a tool.

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The first step is to create an account with Quora, Medium, and Reddit. Please don’t forget that all these platforms don’t allow affiliate links. Before you can use these platforms, such as Quora and Medium, you will need to create a website. Your website could be free or paid.

To get it for free, you can use Blogger or Google Sites to create and run a free website. Be reminded that a paid blog or website is the best option. Going for a paid website gives you better functionalities and other forms of flexibility for optimal creativity.

You buy a hosting plan from Bluehost and a domain name from Namecheap. There are other hosting companies you can buy from also, such as WhoGoHost.So, what next after you have your blog set up?

Now it is time to write on Quora. Remember that Quora and other forums are where people look for answers to their various issues. Inside these forums or platforms, you will copy your blog content and paste it to address issues raised by the members of the forums.

Your answers should be relevant to the issue. Never make the mistake of copying your affiliate links into your answers on the forum. The only link permitted is the one from your website.

Any visitor that goes from Quora will land on your blog and will click on your affiliate links in the blog set up by you. Do you get it? Let’s get to the next stage where I will explain to you how to get a website and other marketing tools virtually for free.

Passive Way

In the online space, affiliate marketing stands out as one of the best ways to earn passively. Then how do you position yourself to be able to earn through an affiliate marketing program passively?

One major thing you need to put in place is what is called email automation. To set up your email marketing system, you’ll need tools like Systeme io, GetResponse, SendinBlue, and others.

In the first heading, I told you about how to get email marketing software for free. The complete automation tool I am talking about is Systeme io. With Systeme io, you have free access to a blog, sales funnel, course class, membership site, etc. You can sign up for a free account here.

So how do you get the email addresses of your potential buyers? There are ways of getting this done. The first is to set up a landing page to collect email from your buyers. To smoothly have their emails given to you through this page, you need to give them what is called a “lead magnet”.

It attracts potential buyers to take action and give you their addresses. Your lead magnet could be in the form of a video, PDF, etc., that you will give them after they have signed up.

Therefore, you need to program your automation tool to send emails to these buyers immediately after they sign up to receive what you promised to give them.

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You can equally scrap email and use an email validation tool to confirm the authenticity of the mail generated before sending mail to them. Email validation is good because it will help you reduce your bounce rate.

Are you struggling to get ideas on what to send to your audience ? Watch my video on PLR materials here. It will give you ways to get content ideas for your emails.

The Pro Way of Promoting Affiliate Marketing

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I know you’re curious about how the pro achieves results.What is the major secret that keeps them ahead of others in the business of affiliate marketing? Let’s make it clear, the pro way of getting results is a combination of so many things that results in massive results for them.

But out of these, there is one tool that gives pros a step ahead. This is known as the world’s biggest search engine when it comes to video content. It is YouTube, owned by Google.

YouTube is good for product reviews; it is also good for teaching about affiliate marketing or other forms of learning. So the best way is to teach people about the products you want to promote. 

Let’s take, for example, you want to promote the affiliate program of Bluehost. You can teach people about how to create a blog using Bluehost. In the description of your video content on YouTube, you will already have your affiliate link embedded.

Whenever anyone clicks on the link, it takes them to the Bluehost website, where they make a purchase, and you earn a commission for referring a customer. Never underestimate the power of using WhatsApp and other forms of social media to promote your affiliate programs.

They are communities you can explore to get the desired results.


Learning alone will not get you to the destination you desire; implementing and executing your plans will. Affiliate marketing is a journey. So don’t relent or rely on one source to give you the results you need.

You just have to combine the three steps I gave you above. Which one do you plan to execute this week? Leave your comments in the comment section. Share this article on your timeline.