The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

What’s Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)? This is an academy that is powered by the American government to empower enterprising women in over 80 countries. The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs gives access to female entrepreneurs or a potential female gender to a lot of networks for business growth. The program combines two methods of learning – virtual and onsite. A three-month course that exposes women to learning about business management and growth.

Who Can Apply?

The application is open to female entrepreneurs.

If you intend to start a business as a woman of any age you can apply.

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How do I Join Awe?

Do you want to participate? It takes a simple online application process to join the program. Upon approval of your application, you will have the necessary details sent to your email. Don’t forget that is program is absolutely free to join.


With the massive success recorded in the recent program in Kaduna, it is obvious that women’s entrepreneurship is gaining more ground. And obviously, it will bridge the gap between men and women entrepreneurs.