Stakecut Affiliate Marketing: How to Earn in Dollars Selling Digital Products on Stakecut Platform

Have you ever planned to make money online before? Maybe you are an affiliate marketer already but looking for more opportunities to earn passively from promoting other brands. Let me introduce you to Stakecut Affiliate marketing where you can earn in dollars.

If earning in dollars is your dream, Then Stakecut Affiliate Marketing is your next bet. This is an affiliate marketing program that is unique for all online business stakeholders—be it affiliate marketers, YouTube content creators, bloggers, etc.

I will explain the concept of affiliate marketing to you if this is the first time you have heard the word “affiliate marketing”. I came across affiliate marketing in 2005 when I was working in an internet café then. The dot-com industry has not witnessed a major boom like we have today.

Then it was the ClickBank Affiliate program my friend mentioned to me then. Being a café attendant, he wanted me to teach him how to create a ClickBank Affiliate Account then. But unfortunately, ClickBank is not accepting IPs from Nigeria till now

Well, there is a way around it. You can now create a ClickBank account in any third-world country today by using the method in this course called Bullet-Proof ClickBank.

So, what is affiliate marketing? Simply put, affiliate marketing means selling a product you don’t have. There are three parties in affiliate marketing,

The vendor (who is the product creator)

The Buyer

An Affiliate (you).

Affiliate marketing involves you selling other people’s products. It could be digital products or physical products or even services.

Stakecut Affiliate Marketing

Stakecut Affiliate marketing is a new marketplace for various products. You can find product merchants (Vendors), products for buyers, and affiliate marketers on this platform. This is why it is called a “marketplace.

This platform boasts of having over 3000+ affiliates registered in the last few months.

One good thing about the Stakecut Affiliate marketplace is that you can promote it from any country and be paid in dollars or your local currency equivalent.

I am going to be giving you the necessary information concerning this affiliate program. This includes the kinds of products you can find and how to promote your affiliate links.

Stakecut Products

As an affiliate looking for products to promote, you are in the right place at the right time. You are in the right place because you have a lot of physical and digital products to sell on this platform.

Yes, it is free for all to sign up on Stakecut and the internet is just an enabler to drive this business for you.

People are hungry to get the right information. So, start selling to the world without hustle and limitations. There are tools for your online business on this platform. One such amazing tool is the automation tool for business growth.

Always choose the right product for the right audience. You can’t be selling high-income skills to secondary school students.

That’s a wrong move in the wrong direction. Why? Because these students do not have money and are not prepared to begin earning money. They are still learning in school.

These are examples of products you can find on Stakecut:

Amazon KDP for Smartphones

Daily Information Product Sales System Online Boss Academy Program

Passive Income Blueprint

Upwork Mastermind Program

There are over 55 products on Stakecut    

The summary of everything about products you can find on Stakecut platforms will fall into any of these categories:

Digital Products

Physical Products

Online Courses

Online Coaches


So how do you promote Stakecut affiliate program? The best step to take is to create a community or audience for the products you want to sell. Then it will be easy for you to sell your offers to them.

You can create online communities through YouTube, Facebook groups or WhatsApp. Another way is to run Facebook ads or Google ads to draw traffic to your page. All of these come at a cost – either time or money.

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How to Promote Affiliate Links you to Get Results

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Stakecut University

As an affiliate, you need to have the basic skills needed to succeed in this online business. But if you have not mastered these skills, Stakecut University is more than ready to help you sharpen them.

Look no further, start your own profitable online affiliate marketing business with Stakecut University. Such skills to learn include:

Sales Page Creation,

Lead Generation

Others include content creation and others.

Why Stakecut?

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Although relatively new to the market compared to Expertnaire, it has demonstrated signs that it has come to challenge the “big guns” and to stay. It is unique in the sense that it operates with your local currency in mind.

You can promote any of the Stakecut in any part of the world and your local bank account will be credited when you make sales.

The unique link tracking system that shows your traffic sources. It is excellent as the tracking system will give you insight into appropriate steps to take with the metric.

Besides, Stakecut is free to sign up for. It is not required to pay any annual fee to access this platform.  

Stakecut platform is not only for affiliate marketers but product vendors who are looking for means to reach wider audience. You can list your products with Stakecut as a merchant.


 Earning in dollars is easier these days through the internet.

So, joining Stakecut to earn globally gives you more opportunities to scale your online business. Remember that selling that international audience brings in money into your wallet in dollars

Consider giving your time to study appropriate products you can promote through the Staketcut affiliate program.

It would be a good idea to have a thorough knowledge of any product you want to promote. You remember the KLT factors.

People buy from anyone they know, love/like, and trust.  

How do you want your audience to trust you when you don’t have knowledge about what you are promoting? If you are a Nigerian, let Stakecut cut “soap” for you. Do you gerrit?