4 Simple Ways to Make Money Online in 2023

How will you like to make money online simple or the hard way? Making extra income from the comfort of your home does not need to be hard. These days the internet has redefined how will do things and how we make money.

The simple truth is that these simple ways I am going to be discussing with you will not definitely affect your 9-5 job if you have any. What’s your dream? To have a great lifestyle?

Well in order to build a successful and well-defined dreamed lifestyle, you will need to have more than one income source. Multiple income sources are a must.

This is the real secret of the super-rich. Understand that hard work is not equal to a great amount of cash in your account balance. Making money especially online does not necessarily need to be tedious.

With some simple digital skills, you should be able to make it online. First of all, take an audit of some skills you have acquired in the time past. List them on a piece of paper or Enote on your phone.

If you are an expert in a particular field, you can come online to teach such subject matter to people. If you create value for your audience, you will definitely be rewarded financially.

Simple Ways to Make Money Online

Making money online is simple if you follow the rules of creating value and building a loyal audience. The following steps are simple methods of “printing” money online. Take a look at them below:

Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube today is the biggest video search engine in the world. It houses billions of video contents across different fields. People watch YouTube for various reasons. Some people want to be entertained, while some want to learn new skills, etc.

Whatever the reason maybe, create a channel for your audience and make sure you meet such needs. Don’t delay any further to make your channel.

A YouTuber Recording a video

Start now. Never feel reluctant to have your appropriate channel because you think people won’t watch. Available data shows that billions of videos are watched on YouTube daily. The need for visuals is increasing daily. This brings about more opportunities for content creators.

To have a successful channel, you must understand the following – YouTube SEO, how to monetize your content, number of subscribers needed, the minimum number of watch hours.

Don’t ever think you need a sophisticated camera for content creation. Capital no! Your simple Android or iPhones are good tools to start with. Remember, creating a YouTube channel is absolutely free. When you open a Gmail account you have a YouTube account automatically.

For understanding of YouTube SEO, you need tools like Tubebuddy, VidIQ, Keyword Everywhere, Ahrefs, etc.

If you think YouTube is crowded with content, you may wish to have an alternative platform to YouTube. Rumble is another amazing place to host your video content. You can monetise your videos just like YouTube. Read more about Rumble here

Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

Who is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is a person employed to perform administrative tasks independently without working within the wall of an office. He carries out his duties outside the office space using the internet to connect with the office remotely.

Nowadays you will see companies employ the service of a person to work remotely for them. Well, not all that work remotely are virtual assistants. Majorly a Virtual Assistant always does administrative work for the employer. The impact of fast broadband internet connection and covid has given a great boost to the demand for a virtual assistant jobs.

A lot of businesses adopt this model in order to reduce some costs of hiring a person for administrative tasks for full time. Services offered by virtual assistants are many, but pick the one that you are passionate about and be an expert in the field. We have social media managers, bookkeepers, bloggers as virtual assistants, etc.

At the onset, it could be a bit challenging to find your first client but with the right strategy, you will get it. You can register on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Flexsjob, etc to get clients for service. Alternatively, you can join Facebook groups where the discussions are about what you are passionate about.

There are potential employers on some of these platforms. Note that wages for virtual assistants vary but are mostly $25-50 per hour. Your experience and level of skill will determine how well you will be paid.

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Fiverr Freelance

You too can make a lot of money on Fiverr with whatever skill you have. It could either be from low-income skills or high-income skills. So what skills do you have? Let’s briefly give you these high-income skills – SEO, programming, lead generation, copywriting, email marketing, etc.

All these form high-income skills. It will make you enough money easily because it comes with low competition compared with low-income skills. Create your Fiverr Account free here. There are ways of getting jobs on Fiverr very fast. What are these strategies

1. Use a great Fiverr Thumbnail

Is the Fiverr thumbnail important? The reply is capital YES. It is very important for you to know that catchy your thumbnail is, the easier it is to be seen by people who need your service. Don’t forget that Fiverr is a marketplace, there are a lot of competition. You must stand out to be visible to everyone.

If you don’t know how to create the right thumbnail, let me quickly show you how to get yours fast and better. Type the gig you want to sell on Fiverr. Take, for instance, assuming that you are an expert in SEO, and type SEO into the search. It will bring some thumbnails right to the front page.

Fiverr Thumbnail

Check for the one that catches your attention quickly and model what the person has done. Don’t copy please, just model by looking at the elements in the thumbnail that make it stands out. It could be the font size, combination of human faces etc. You can have up 7 gigs on Fiverr. Remember, you can always change it to suit your need monthly.

2. Fiverr SEO

Another way to be on the first page of Fiverr is to use the right keywords people are looking for in Fiverr. It is not just any keywords but those relevant to your skills.

One rightful way to find the appropriate keywords buyers are searching for, is to type in the keyword and wait for an automatic suggest pop-up. This will in turn give you an idea of what people are searching for in your niche. Check the image below.

Amazon Print on Demand

Can you make money printing without owning a printing press company? Truth be told, online connectivity has made everything possible. These things were not possible some years ago.

Amazon Print on Demand

Amazon print-on-demand is an amazing platform for you to make money online without investment in any infrastructure. So the answer is yes of course. What’s print on demand? Print-on-demand is a business model that takes a form like dropshipping.

This means you create a product based on the market demand from an individual. The next stage of PoD is where your product is worked on by another company that does the printing and the shipping. Your part is to design the product.

Print-on-demand allows you to sell T-shirts, bags, and other items by outsourcing the printing, packaging, and shipping through a third-party vendor -Amazon. The slight difference between dropshipping and print-on-demand is that your buyers pre-order based on their needs or tastes.

As an online business owner, your choice of Amazon platform for your print-on-demand is the right one because Amazon is the biggest e-commerce marketplace in the world. So what are the steps involved in selling on Amazon?

The simple registration process is just a step. You can make a choice of a free account or paid account which comes with a monthly subscription cost. You should definitely know that there are limitations to anything free.

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