Top 7 Logistics Companies in Lagos for E-commerce

Modern-day commerce is not complete without logistics. Globally, the e-commerce business is growing exponentially and Lagos State is not an exception to this. The current e-commerce spending in Nigeria is estimated at $12 billion. Lagos is the largest economy in the country and has the biggest percentage in this share of e-commerce. The effectiveness of e-commerce is largely dependent on efficient logistics.

The following logistics companies in Lagos have been compiled for your e-commerce business. Your entire operation in e-commerce in Lagos can’t be smooth without knowing the right logistics companies in Lagos to use for your day-to-day delivery.

GIG Logistics

GIG is one of the best logistics companies in Lagos today. It is efficient and has low-cost charges with outstanding services. GIG Logistics is an arm of God Is Good Motor in Lagos. They have centers spread across Nigeria and also deliver to over 193 countries in the world. You can make them your delivery partner for successful delivery.


FedEx is a big giant in the logistics industry worldwide. Expect nothing less of international standards from a truly multinational logistics company. FedEx is an affordable partner for your same-day delivery. With FedEx, you know that your profitability will not be impacted due to high costs.

Courier Plus

What do you want as an online e-commerce merchant? Affordable and efficient logistics system. Courier Plus offers more than just logistics they are a real plug for your last-mile delivery. Its vast investment in technology and integration with the whole e-commerce supply chain makes them a reliable partner for online businesses.

Furthermore, Courier Plus is a major delivery and logistics support provided to over 500 stand-alone online merchants and major E-commerce platforms all across the country. They are located at 42 Concord Way off Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Tel +234 0703 307 4129


DHL is a German multinational logistics company. It has a base in Lagos Nigeria with different centres spread across Nigeria. With DHL, you are rest assured that your deliveries would be excellent. Technology and innovation have set this company ahead of others. Don’t forget DHL stands for Dalsey, Hillblom, Lynn. These are last names of its three founders.

Fortune Global Shipping and Logistics Limited

Fortune Global Shipping and Logistics Limited specializes in international forwarding. The company manages your shipment from one point to another and ensures it is delivered safely to its final destination. It has several partners globally. Fortune Global is considered as one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria.


Redoxcorp Shipping and Logistics Limited is a world-class provider of innovative logistics and supply-chain service and solutions. Redoxcorp started its operations in year 2015 having full filled necessary requirements with Corporate Affairs Commission. It’s dedicated members of staff are ready to give you a true definition of world class shipping experience for both domestic and international.