LambWeston Meijer Introduces Poundo Potato into the Nigeria Market

LambWeston Meijer the Holland-based company brings Poundo Potato into the Nigerian market. As a food processing company, LambWeston has a lot of processed food products such as French Fries, Super Crispy Fries, Poundo Potato, etc. Are you interested in becoming a distributor for this international company with sellable products? Contact the company here.

The Managing Director Mr. Victor Nwachukwu, states clearly the vision of the company while addressing journalists recently that the company is focused on giving customers and consumers great products at affordable prices.

“Potato is a super food; and we are particularly happy that Lamb Weston Poundo Potato, since its introduction to the Nigeria market, has continued to offer our valued customers and consumers more options of enjoying potato meals in addition to the boiled or fried versions we have been accustomed to for many years.”

This is really business for anyone looking for a brand to sell into the market. Would you rather do business with this company?

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