Is My Daily Choice Legit: MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

If you have any doubts or concerns about My Daily Choice, I have the answers for you. The truth is My Daily Choice is Legit, not a scam. My Daily Choice has been a trusted brand for more than 9 years.

If the company had been around for many years, it couldn’t be a pyramid scheme, it would have collapsed by now. It is a marketplace for various products that have been tested by customers who have received value for money.

Would you like to know more about My Daily Choice? Let’s dig a little deeper to find out if MDC is not a scam.

Why My Daily Choice Is Not Considered a Scam

My Daily Choice is a pure direct-selling company. It has a business model that allows affiliates to market its products to consumers. MDC is not a pyramid scheme company because you can buy products from its website and get them delivered to you.

But a pyramid company doesn’t have products attached to its service. Any direct-selling company that doesn’t have products in exchange for money is a red flag. Besides, there is currently no lawsuit against MDC because both its customers and the employees have a good relationship.

A membership in Better Business Bureau (BBB)gives MDC a higher credibility among consumers.

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What is My Daily Choice?

My Daily Choice is a company founded in 2014 by an affiliate for affiliate marketers. The years of experience of Jenna Zwagil and Josh Zwagil who are the founders of MDC is a major reason why the company is flourishing using an affiliate marketing business model.

My Daily Choice has more than 10 categories of products:

Personal Care Weight Management

Health & Wellness

CBD & Hemp Gut


Travel Savings

Feminine Hygiene

Beauty & Cosmetics




Forex & Crypto

MDC moved from being a household of brands to a marketplace. A simple way to describe this firm is to name it another Amazon.

As of 2019, MDC has annual revenue of over $170m. MDC has plenty of free training programs and resources to help you get to the next level of your MLM small business.

How Does My Daily Choice Work?

My Daily Choice sells its product line to distributors, who then sell directly to consumers and customers. Affiliates otherwise known as distributors have to pay for products then they can keep whatever retail margins they make through upselling to consumers.

Affiliates also get bonus rates and payments for sponsoring other distributors as stated in My Daily Choice Compensation Plan.

How to Spot MLM Scam

If you are planning to join any MLM business, you must be careful with the company you plan to pitch your tent to. The simple reason is some pyramid schemes are disguised as true affiliate or MLM companies that but here are the warning signs to watch out for:

The program won’t offer a legitimate product or service.
There is no proof of revenue from retail sales.
The program charges an upfront fee in order to participate, this is a big warning signal.

The program’s commission structure is confusing, or a promoter claims the company doesn’t have an income disclosure statement.

Affiliates make unrealistic claims about the money-making potential.
Promoters apply pressure, urging you to act quickly so you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

This may be presented as “limited spots” or a “one-time sale” that isn’t actually limited.
Promoters overemphasize the need to recruit new participants instead of stressing the need to sell products or services. They sell the opportunity more than they sell the products themselves.

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Promoters encourage participants to purchase excess inventory in order to remain in the program.

This may be presented as “having stock” in case a customer wants something immediately, claiming participants will lose a sale if the products have to be shipped.

How Do I Earn Money from My Daily Choice Business?

The earning opportunity associated with My Daily Choice business is individual and unique, so it is impossible to guarantee that a particular amount of income can be earned.

How much money you make as a My Daily Choice affiliate will depend on many factors, such as your personal business goals, time invested, and business expenses. You can earn up to 50% profit on everything you sell at the recommended retail price, and you can feel confident that you are selling products you can believe in.

This flexible opportunity lets you choose how much or how little to work your My Daily Choice business as you strive to meet your goals!


If you are still thinking about whether MDC is not a legit business, I would love you to rethink. My Daily Choice business is both legal and rewarding if you put in the required time and energy.

As a successful affiliate, I strongly recommend you start an MDC business if you want to make extra income by recruiting people into the business and selling MDC products to various people. My question is, what do you want to know about My Daily Choice?