Ifood Ecosystem Registration

Nigerians are looking for the best way to get food at the best prices and one of the options available is to become a registered member of Ifood.

Then how do you register on Ifood Ecosystem System Ltd? I am going to give you details shortly.

The steps, the cost, and other information will be given to you to have a smooth registration experience.

What’s Ifood Ecosystem System

Ifood Economy is the latest marketplace where you buy food more cheaply than the open market or supermarket prices. It is boosting as becoming an Amazon of food in the shortest possible time.

It is the newest food network marketing company in Nigeria. There are different foods you find in this ecosystem. Mainly rice, beans, crayfish, onions, yam and garri.

Other food items will be listed very soon. The meaning of Ifood economy is Inclusive Food Ecosystem.

Everyone is wanted on the platform to enjoy cheap food and fresh farm products without the interference of middlemen.

How to Register for the Ifood Ecosystem System

The simple step is to fill out the form online and the needed information is just your name, email address, and your phone number.

You can see that the process is easy and takes less than five minutes to do.

So what’s the cost of this registration? You need a sum of 3,000 Naira to become a duly registered member of Ifood Ecosystem Ltd.

It is an annual fee paid to the company for your membership.

Become Ifood Member

Buy cheap, make money

Why Do You Need to Register with Ifood Ecosystem?

Since the inception of the company, Ifood Ecosystem System has always delivered cheap food to its members.

The affordability of these fresh foods has attracted more than 15,000 members to the platform. Not only this, the company makes food available to the members delivered in the comfort of their homes.

This is presently dominant in Lagos where you have over 30 distributors who are called Ifood Mart Operators.

Do you want to become an Ifood operator and make money?

Please read on, I will explain in this article what is needed to become one and what you stand to gain.

Thirdly, as a registered member of Ifood, you will earn a certain percentage when you refer people to join the business.

That’s why it is called the eat, earn, and learn platform.

Ifood Mart Operators and How to Become One

Ifood operators are the registered distributors who invested some money to acquire the right to become a pickup point for members in a defined area.

There are two types of Ifood Mart Operators. We have the regular and the mega Ifood mart Operators.

What each type of operator earns is not the same as their return on investment. A regular Ifood Mart Operator needs a sum of 1.5 million Naira to start but the mega Ifood Mart Operator will pay 5 Million Naira minimum.

The percentage earnings of Ifood Mart is 10% for regular and 20% for a Mega Ifood Mart Operator.

And it is a one-time payment. Which one do you want to become? Let’s talk on WhatsApp+2348038713021.

Ifood Ecosystem Compensation Plan

How will you be rewarded if you bring people into the Ifood Ecosystem business? Your efforts will not be in vain. You need to be rewarded. This is what the company has put together as a form of compensation plan.

Ifood Compensation Plan makes room for a regular member to earn a 33% referral bonus for you introducing this platform to another person.

This means, when you bring a person that pays 3,000 for registration you are entitled to a sum of 1,000 naira.

Not only this, you will earn what is called food to table bonus. As more people buy food from the platform, you will earn up to 12 generations. Isn’t that amazing?

There are more ways to make money in Ifood Ecosystem System. Watch this video to learn more.

It is estimated that you can make up to 39 million Naira annually from Ifood as a regular member. A Billionaire Club member has a billion earning potential in Ifood. Other amazing benefits include – International trips, car awards, shareholding, etc.


If there is any good time to register as a member of Ifood Economy, it is now. This is becoming necessary as the rate of inflation is alarming.

Another issue it is not a cumbersome step and is very cheap to become a member. This article has been written putting you in mind that you want the necessary information on how to register on Ifood Ecosystem.

That’s what we have done. So what is delaying registering today? Leave a question or concerns in the comment section. It will be attended to promptly.

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