How to Write Your First E-book

Writing your first e-book could be overwhelming when trying to figure how to do it. We all learn various skills at one point to the other in our life. Those skills seemed difficult initially but when we fully mastered them, it looked so easy to us.

Have you ever tried learning how to drive a car before? Just imagine the effort and the concentration you put in just focusing on handling the steering or how you manage to change your first gear. All your energy were focused on one thing at a time. But when you mastered it, you can now do several things while driving. You can call. You can do other things effortlessly and still be on the wheel.

Possibly you have tried in the past to write your first e-book but couldn’t continue may because of skill gaps. Well, that’s why you need this video course as your companion. Your fear of what to write and how to find a topic to write, don’t worry you learn these skills through this book. Your English language proficiency is not a criteria because there are tools to help you navigate through this hurdle.

Are you ready to learn from wealth of experience? Let’s me show you.

Don’t wait, just act, read and understand this step by step guide. This course will teach you how to write, how to publish and sell your e-book profitably.

Through this video course, let me hold your hand. Take a look at what you will learn:

• What is an e-book Why an e-book?

• How to Choose a topic for your e-book

• How to design a book cover for Your e-book

• How to Publish Without Writing e-book

• How to Repurpose your E-book

• Tools for Writing E-books

• How to Write A Plagiarism – Free E-books

• SEO for your E-books

• Available Platforms for Your e-books

• How to Market Your E-book to Your Audience

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