How to Start Shoe Making Business as a Beginner

Do you want to start a shoe-making business? The shoe making business is lucrative a lot of Nigerian want to learn how to make shoes. The overall population of Nigeria is estimated to be over 200 million. Imagine making shoes for just one percent of that population. This tells you that there is a lot of money you can make in this business. The government of Nigeria is advocating for made-in-Nigeria products, so getting government support is always easy for small and medium Enterprises.

Attend Shoe Making Vocational Institute

There are approved training centres across the country where you can get trained in the art of school making. Lagos State alone has over 50 vocational training institutes for various skills. In fact government agency – SMEDAN which stands for Small And Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria has a training partnership with SME Digital Course on Shoe Making.   

 Get Necessary Tools for Shoe Making

The next stage of the process is to get the necessary tools for shoe-making. These are the list of tools you will need to start the business.   

  • Leather
  • Measuring Tape
  • Cutting Knife
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Hammer
  • Knife
  • Nails
  • Pegs

You will need some funds to get your business started. Some government agencies like BOI (Bank of Industries) and SMEDAN can get you started by giving your access to loans. Accessing funds for small businesses could clog in the wheel at times, but you can get more information about how to access funds for small business here.   

Step up the Business Operation

Don’t start the business operation until you are fully recognized by the government. The first stage of the recognition is by registering your business with Corporate Affairs Commission. This will enable you to operate a bank account with a licensed bank in Nigeria. Besides, it is easier to get some forms of business support from NGOs and government agencies. The credibility you earn from this is enormous. You can get some assistants hired into the business for smooth operation. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with a lot of roles. Another major thing you need to keep in mind in the operation is proper records such as book-keeping. This is essential for you to know how healthy the business is.  


 This aspect can never be over-emphasized because you are in business to sell. And the easiest way to recognize your work is through branding. Some of your brand elements such as logo, colours, and names will stand you out from the competition. So, you need to get branded in order to get into the export market. Mind you wind some specialty as you go along in the business. You can shoe maybe men’s shoes or female’s shoes as your area of specialty. Don’t forget! Choose a brand that can be easily identified.    

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Sales and Marketing of your Finished Products

There is no need to produce if you can’t get the goods into the hands of the buyers. Your skills in selling and marketing need to be top-notch. There are more handy tools for you nowadays than ever before. You can advertise on google. The best online space you can’t do without is Instagram as a shoe-maker. You must define your route to the market.  Remember, people buy from persons they know, like, and trust. Your brand must be trusted for quality.   Sales will come!


Shoe-making business today in Nigeria is a big industry. From Aba to Lagos, Kaduna to Kano everyone needs shoes. There are now local materials available, the government is taking necessary steps to promote made-in-Nigeria products. Tap into this opportunity then you will smile you have a skill that generates active income for you. When are you starting your shoe-making business, please?