How to Start Garri Business in Nigeria

Food and water are essential in our lives. One of the primary staple foods in West Africa today is garri. The food industry in Nigeria is estimated to exceed 190 billion dollars. Garri is a well-known food in Nigeria among all ethnic groups. Garri is a processed casava. Different types of garri exist in the Nigerian market.

The best way to translate garri for you is “granulated cassava”. These are the three predominant types of garri in the market: Garri Ijebu, white garri, and yellow garri. Kids always like to eat garri dry or soaked with water with groundnuts.

The taste of good garri is refreshing, especially during hot weather. Where there is demand, there is a business opportunity. Because of this, the garri business presents a huge opportunity to people who can venture into it. I will be discussing the various ways you can tap into this.

Nigerian Yellow and White Garri in Plastic containers side by side

Ijebu Garri

Ijebu Garri is known for its fine whiteness and granulated size. Because it is drinkable, most people preferred it over other types of garri.It is popular among the Yoruba tribe in Western Nigeria. Would you love to have a taste of Ijebu Garri? Some e-commerce sites can ship for you. Why not enjoy this African delicacy? 

White Garri

This is purely white in colour without mixing any other colouring ingredients like red oil into it. It tastes nice and can be eaten with groundnuts. Yellow garri: this is a kind of garri that has been mixed with palm oil.

The coloration is always attractive. More so, it is used to prepare “eba”. Eba is processed garri. It is made by adding hot water to garri. Eba and special stew are served as dinner in different families. You can equally find it being served at different functions.

Popular okra soup served with garri on a white plate.

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The benefits of taking Garri

There are obvious benefits to eating garri. It is rich in carbohydrates. So it is a good source of energy. Apart from being a good source of energy, it is rich in fibre. This is another reason why it helps in the digestion process.

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Garri Business

To start garri as a business, you first need to determine the amount of capital you want to invest in the business. There are different categories of people along the value chain of the garri business. Some farmers are involved in the whole process of planting, harvesting, processing, and distribution. while some only plant and sell the tubers to other people for processing.

Planting cassava on a large scale requires adequate capital and knowledge. While being a trader/distributor does require less funding. But the value each will unlock from the chain is totally different. But a lot of companies are now aggressively involved in the farming of cassava and processing until the products get into the hands of consumers.

Garri Preservation

Your garri needs to be fully fried in order to preserve its life span. Never expose garri to high humidity; it will bring mold into the product. The shelf life of garri is 6–9 months. During this time, you should keep your home free of high humidity or moisture.


Eating healthy garri is good for the body. Not only this, it is a healthy business if you have full knowledge of it. 

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