How to Start Affiliate Marketing with Systeme

If you intend to grow your affiliate marketing business or you are just starting affiliate marketing, then using Systeme is good way to go.

Systeme io is one of the best choices for a new affiliate marketer or experienced online business owner who is looking for affiliate products to promote.

So I will be showing you how to promote and earn through Systeme Io affiliate marketing program.

What is the Systeme Affiliate Program?

Systeme affiliate program is a way of earning extra income by promoting Systeme io as email marketing software and other products on Systeme io marketplace or Systeme affiliate network.

You will need to create your free account to become an affiliate on Systeme and you are given a unique affiiate link.

It is a two-tier affiliate program.


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The advantage from this model of affiliate marketing is that you earn from your efforts and people who registered from your first downline. As an affiliate, you earn 60% (recurring) from monthly subscription of all your downlines.

There are three steps you need to take to get started with Systeme Io. The first is to look for the right niche suitable for your audience. You can select from these three recommended profitable niches.

Step two, you will need to decide on the content channel for your affiliate marketing program.

Content channels include Facebook, YouTube and blogging etc. Now that you have these things in place, it is time to produce and promote your affiliate link to your audience using all the content channels you know.

How much do Systeme affiliates make?

As an affiliate of Systeme.io, you get paid when you make a sale through your referral links. You can earn as much as 60% of the total sales.

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Remember Systeme Io is also a marketplace for several courses, software and other products, you can earn by selecting from these courses or software.

Understand that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme but can make you rich at long run. There are four categories of affiliates you can find on Systeme platform based on their earnings:

1. Beginner affiliate marketer – $0-$1,000

2. Intermediate Affiiate Marketer -$1k-5k

3. Advanced Affiliate Marketer – $5-10k

4. Super Affiliate Marketer – $10-50k

In 2023, Systeme paid its affiliates a total of €4,176,704 for a period of 7 years and four months.

“Why we raised our affiliate commissions from 50% to 60% 💙
Our core mission at systeme.io is to deliver more value than anyone else in this industry” –  Aurelian Amacker (Founder of Systeme.io)

Systeme pays it’s affiliates on the 10th of every month when you reach a threshold of minimum of $30.

Systeme Affiliate Award

Aurelian Amacker, the CEO of Systeme.io introduced the award system into platform for any promoter who reached a milestone or threshold in 2022.

Systeme.io’ awards make affiliate marketers strive to achieve better results for their online businesses. For many people, it becomes a major goal to win one of five awards.

At the moment these are awards available for affiliate marketers on the platform:
Silver Award: At least $10k in aff. coms
Gold Award: At least $30k in aff. coms.
Platinum Award: At least $100k in aff. coms.
Diamond Award: At least $200k in aff. comms.
Blue Diamond Award: $1m in aff comms.


Silver Award: At least $50k in sales

Gold Award: At least $100k in sales

Platinum Award: At least $500k in sales

Diamond Award: At least $1M in sales

Blue Diamond Award: At least $10M in sales

Becoming a Systeme Affiliate: Pro and Cons

While there are a lot of benefits to join the Systeme .io affiliate program, but it may not be for everyone. Let’s look at why and what you need to consider before joining Systeme.io.


  1. Systeme is All-in-One platform for all your online business needs.
  2. It has great and affordable pricing compared to Clickfunnels and others.
  3. It is relatively new in the market compared to other well-known software. So, there are opportunities to promote it to more people.


  1. You will need a Lot of Patience and Hard Work
  2. You have No Control over competition.
  3. There is no certainty you make sale
  4. You are Only Working as a third party between company and the consumer.