How to Start a Human Hair Distribution Business in Nigeria

Every woman wants to look beautiful. This is the main reason why the beauty industry remains lucrative because the population of women is high. Recent data shows that a huge amount of money is being made annually from the sales of human hair and other extensions.

Before you venture into the distribution of human hair, you need some business skills. You will need to understand the various types of human hair. Where to buy original cheap human hair wholesale in order to resell. Knowledge will keep you away from buying fake hair. All these things are necessary for you to succeed in business.

The opportunities in this big industry are limitless. You must understand that if you sell hair, you will logically want to sell its complementaries too. It is like selling bread and equally selling butter. Whoever buys bread must also purchase butter.

Items that fall under hair care are good examples of the complementary I am talking about. Before I go further to reveal the step-by-step actions you need to take to thrive in this business, note that there are certain religions that ban the use of human hair to complement a woman’s beauty.

If you are ready to start this business or planning to start, then this article is for you.

Find a reliable and affordable vendor.

If you are going to be importing your goods( human hair) from other countries like Vietnam, China, India, the USA, and Brazil, it is good that you look for a good supplier that is affordable and at the same time reliable. Finding a good supplier should not be a hard task if you know how to do it.

Chinese Market

Social media and Google search can be used to get contact details of various suppliers. You can type into a search engine something like “Chinese Hair Vendors” or “Chinese hair suppliers” Don’t forget to look for these three things on their pages :
Contact information

These details will tell you if the company is reliable. Positive reviews or comments would be a good indicator that you can do business with the company. Please, before you make any payment for any goods, do verify. China is a big market, and the probability of being scammed is high. Please get a mentor. Determine which type of hair you will be selling. It is very crucial.

Three types exist: packed natural hair, blended hair, and synthetic hair. Kindly go for the one that’s in high demand in your local area. Although it is advisable to have the three types of hair, you can make your purchase in different percentages: 60, 30, and 10. Your target customers will determine a lot of things you will buy.

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Explore local markets.

If you can’t afford shipping from outside the country, the next alternative is to explore local markets. There are three major open markets in Nigeria today where you can get hair from direct suppliers. Trade Fair Market in Lagos, Onitsha Market in Anambra State and Balogun Market in Lagos Island.

The northern states are not predominantly known for this kind of business because of religious restrictions. Although people still use human hair in this region, the southern part has better opportunities for this kind of business.

In these markets listed above, you can get both foreign and those that are made by companies based in Nigeria.These indigenous companies are Lucky Fire, Godrej, Solpia Nigeria Limited, Linda Manufacturing Company and others.

You can reach out to their sales team or customer service for details on how to be a distributor, wholesaler, or retailer. Becoming a distributor requires a huge amount of money, in the millions of naira. Make enquiries about the availability of the option (wholesalers, distributors, or retailers) for the amount of funds you have.

How to identify fake hair

Note that there are three major available types of hair: natural hair, which is made of 100% human hair; blended hair, which is a mixture of human hair and synthetic substances; and synthetic hair. It has a high percentage of human hair.

The last is made of 100% artificial material. Their costs are not the same. As expected, the cost of human natural hair is higher than any other category.

Just be careful that you will not be scammed by the sellers. If you are not experienced in buying these kinds of things before, I would advise you go to the market with a person who can help.

Well, the simple way of testing the substance of hair is to use fire. The odour that comes out will determine whether it is natural or synthetic. If it smells like barbecue, then know it is natural. But any other odour apart from barbecue reveals that it is synthetic.

Promoting Your Products

Your products/Goods are meant to be sold to end users. If items you bought have not reached the hands of consumers, it is just a pure waste of time and money. So what then do you do? Let the people know that you sell such products. Advertise on Facebook and other social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

Create a community around the product you sell. Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, and so on are examples of communities. Don’t stop talking about your products. Make an irresistible offer to your customers.

You need to set yourself apart from your competitors. Sell hair care products alongside human hair, such as hair cream, relaxers, etc. Offers can be used to get more customers by giving more value.

For example, if you introduce a buy 10 and get one free offer to your customers, they will love it. You can create a blog for your hair business to educate your customers. Make product catalogs available to them in ebook format. 


Always do your due diligence and investigate before you invest in any business. Know what sells quickly and what to do each season. There are periods when certain products sell better. During this period, don’t buy in a large quantity if you are a first-timer. Test the market first.

This industry is worth over 6.2 billion dollars, according to statistics. So the tendency to succeed is high if you know your way. If this article helps you, feel free to share it on Facebook and other social media. Leave a comment if you want more information about human hair.