How to Make Money Through Snail Farming Business in Nigeria

Snail farming is becoming a more lucrative business to engage in. The demand for this nutritious animal is getting higher every day. People who are into this business are really cashing out big by exporting to some countries in the world. Starting snail farming is not a complex process.

There are ways of making money through snail farming. You can make money processing snails. You can make money by training people on how to start snail farming for beginners. If you love to make more money, then this business is good for you.  Recently, the Lagos State Government organised a training for youth on snail farming. This shows that the business is not something to joke about. It has a place in the international market. 

Understanding the snail farming business

If you have never been into any of the agriculture businesses, especially animal rearing, you must know that housing is very important in this business. Before I dwell much on this subtopic on understanding snail farming, I want to call your attention to the fact that agriculture is one of the best business ideas any entrepreneur can venture into. Snails are naturally nocturnal animals.

They are active at night. So adequate food must be made available for these animals at night. Snails have a good sense of smell and can easily trace their food. Reproduction is not a problem for this animal. By nature, they are hermaphroditic.

That’s because they have both male and female organs. It lays its eggs and later hatches them after some days. Please ensure you keep your snails in the right place. Green house construction is an ideal place, especially for big budget snail farming. Later, I will be discussing how to keep your green house safe from soldier ants. The productive age of some breeds of snails is nine months.

An African giant (Achatina achatina) snail can live up to seven years. Problems with Snail Farming Problems are normal, but how you treat and overcome them is the issue. In snail rearing, these are the major issues you will encounter.

Firstly, mortality rate, although this depends on how well you feed your snails and other factors. Predators like snakes and soldier ants are not friendly to these animals called snails. Ensure you provide adequate shelter to prevent snakes from entering your pen. And for soldier ants, you need to do some strategic hole digging and pour red oil in the holes close to your green house.

After about an hour, check if you can find the soldier ants in their holes you poured oil into. These ants naturally like red oil. Prepare hot water and pour it over these ants into the holes. They will die. It is recommended that you do this regularly.

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Why is Snail Business Lucrative?

Snails alone can give you five different by-products.  These products are very expensive because of the purposes they serve. Snail meat : the meat is a good source of natural resources that fight hypertension and cancer in the body. Snail Slime : Slime is one of the most expensive raw materials in the cosmetics industry. It is needed as a source of collagen in the production of body cream. Snail Excrete : it is a natural ingredient for face treatment. Snail Bluish Water is also used in the cosmetics industry for skin products. Snail skeleton. Animal feed, fishery and ceramic substances are derived from snail skeletons. 


As a snail farmer, one thing you can rest assured of is profit if the necessary things are in their proper place. Snail rearing is very lucrative when you give it the needed attention. Let me leave you with this: Feed your snail at the appropriate time and with the right food. Don’t give them salty substances; they are vegetarians. Protect them from predators. Set the right foundation by sterilising the soil to kill micro-organisms.

Look for loamy soil for your snail. With all of this in place, you will be able to smile at the bank whenever you have your snail harvested. Mind you, exporting snails to countries like Italy, France, and the USA is now easier. They are looking for all these things desperately. Find the right buyers. Don’t forget to send me money when you start making money. Lol.. Share this with your Facebook friends and other channels. If this has been helpful.