How to Make $500 Blogging Without Buying a Domain Name and Hosting Plan

If you want to make money blogging but constrained by the cost of buying a domain name and hosting plan. Although these two things are necessary for anyone who wants to start blogging. So read on to know how to start blogging without buying a domain name and hosting plan.

The first year of a Namecheap domain subscription costs no less than $15, and Bluehost hosting is not free. And don’t forget that you are going to renew your hosting plan and domain name yearly to maintain the site.

So, if you consider all these money costs, you will definitely opt-in for these free platforms I am about to show you.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

Who needs this? For a new affiliate marketer, you can use these sites to launch out before going fully into blogging using a WordPress hosting plan with a domain from any domain seller like Namecheap.

Sites like these are good for product reviews, training, and course content promotion.

One good advantage of these platforms is that you don’t have to know about coding or complex programming before you can make use of them.

Simple drag and drop will give you what you want because of they’re content management system. So, let me show you these websites.


The history of Blogger is not complete without mentioning Pyra Labs, who started it in 1999 before Google bought it in 2003.

With Blogger, you know you are getting a good blog hosting service by Google for free. Don’t forget that Blogger also ranks on the Google search engine. This is a free service alternative to WordPress websites, over 43% of the total number of blogs available on the internet today are built with WordPress.

The second most popular is Blogger, which you can leverage on. You need to know that content on the internet is put in the online space by you and I.

Blogger Site by Google

So, Google needs to leverage this to make money through advertisers who pay Google. Your Blogger website can be monetized through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, etc. You can try Blogger by creating an account here. If you have a Gmail account already, you have a blogger account automatically.

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I must just be honest with you, making money online these days is just too easy without any cost except for data subscription.

Medium Sign up

All the tools you need are virtually free. Medium is a free publishing platform for anyone interested in getting their thoughts out there.

“Medium is not about who you are or whom you know, but about what you have to say”

You can leverage on it to get followers. The more followers you have, the more opportunity you have to monetize the content you put on Medium. The minimum number of followers needed for monetization is a hundred followers.

After you have reached this threshold, then you can qualify for the partnership program. There is a financial reward for reaching this milestone-$100.

You can follow me on Medium to get useful information about affiliate marketing and other online business ideas. Click here to follow me.

Medium does not encourage affiliate link promotion. But there is a way to use Medium to promote affiliate links without being banned from the platform.

Read more about it here. I have explained how to do this here without restriction.


What comes to your mind when you hear about LinkedIn? professional job website to reach potential employers and employees, right? You are right. But besides this, LinkedIn has an amazing feature where you can publish your articles for free.

LinkedIn Article

Articles on LinkedIn also rank on the Google page. How do you make money with the LinkedIn Article feature? You can share your experience on LinkedIn as a professional or write an article that has affiliate links embedded in it.

Through LinkedIn, you can connect with other professionals in your area. I will also implore you to create a community on LinkedIn to expand your followers.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Explore all the features on this platform to maximize your visibility or showcase your skills that you can easily monetize. So, you can write down the skill sets that will bring in more money for you, whether in the short or long run.

If you have a physical product, LinkedIn is a good place to promote it with your articles. You can share the skills you want to monetize in the comment section and let’s see how we can help you with ideas on how to monetize them.

Create your LinkedIn account here for free.

Google Site

Google Site

What is the Google Site? This is another free service provided by Google. It is absolutely free. It is good for a low-budget blogger. This zero-cost service has some basic elements for creating content online.

Although it may not allow you to install a third-party plugin like a WordPress website will give you, you are not limited on how to use this builder. It all depends on how creative you are. Follow a simple process of creating a website like theme installation.

You can create as many pages as you need, unlike some free sites that limit you to only a single-page website.

Systeme oi

Systeme oi is an all-in-one free marketing tool you can ever dream of as a blogger or online marketer. With Systeme io, you have free access to a blog, email marketing software, an affiliate marketing marketplace, and course creation.

Systeme io

You just have to sign up for this service to see how amazing this software is for anyone who can make use of all these limitless features.

Getting your thoughts out there to your readers is easier than you ever thought with Systeme io.

You can create your free account sign-up here.


How far you can go online with these free tools is just up to you. I think there should be no room for an excuse for not having your thoughts freely published on these platforms if you are constrained by cost.

It is not all about when you are going to start blogging with these free tools. It is all about now! Create content and make money. Don’t forget to share this on your social media pages.

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