How to Join My Daily Choice in Nigeria for Free

The multi-level marketing industry is huge and said to be worth over 180 billion globally. Joining My Daily Choice as a affiliate or distributor makes you to be part of a company that has over 180 million dollar in revenue as at 2022.

So how do you join My Daily Choice Business in Nigeria for free? There are two ways to join MDC in Nigeria. You can choose to be a promoter or regular consumer of various MDC products.

How to Join My Daily Choice in Nigeria

It is free to join, so it doesn’t cost anything to start as an affiliate as a home-based hustle.

Besides, My Daily Choice business could go from side hustle to profitable business that provides passive income over time for you.
A consumer can also register for free on My Daily Choice with certain percent discount.

How Does My Daily Choice Work?

My Daily Choice pays you as a distributor or affiliate marketer for bringing people into the business. In exchange for recommending products or business opportunity to your network, you get a commission of any sales that result in this referral business.

Become an Affiliate for My Daily Choice for Free

Start MDC for free, and explore all the tools, run and grow your business.

As a distributor, you’ll have a unique link or code that will allow MDC to track every customer you send their way. When a customer buys a product through your link, you earn a commission.

How to start My Daily Choice Business

Decide on the Products You Want to Promote
MDC has different products categories – from weight Management products to automative – 12 categories in total and still counting. So you can choose a segment of a larger market.

This product or products will become brands people know you for. For example, I promote Fuel Factor X, a lot of people associate this brand with me.

Choosing a particular product is a strategic business decision designed to serve a specific customer base. It helps build a loyal audience that’ll buy your products instead of competitors.

Create valuable content.

According to reports in 2022, Statista says that people spend an average of 170 minutes per day on the internet globally. It shows that a lot of people are consuming contents whether video or text.

But to stand out of the crowd, you need to provide meaningful contents to your consumers.

Social media is an easy way and even free medium to reach your audience that might be interested in your products.

Another way to reach your audience is through blog. A good example of a blog is this content you are reading here. Starting a blog is pretty easy. Get a hosting plan from Bluehost and a domain name from Namecheap.

Then a good knowledge of Search engine optimization is key to succeed in blogging.

What are the benefits of MDC Business?

Now that you understand how MDC works, let’s take a look at the benefits.

You don’t own the products.

There are a so many brands in MDC marketplace, so you don’t need to buy. Just join the MDC which is free in the first place. Grab your affiliate links and post on your blog or social media. Your customers can buy using your referral links.

Passive income Source

As long as people constantly come into your blog, YouTube channel or social media you will continue to make money passively without you actively involved.
Your referral links will continue to bring in a recurring commission for you, as long as you keep them visible on your site.
High earning potential
My Daily Choice business has a six-figure income potential for a newcomer. You may not make such huge amount from the beginning but there is real income potential that can replace your 9-5 job.

A good example of people earning high income in My Daily Choice is Aron Parker and Jennifer Brochu


Starting MDC business in Nigeria as an affiliate is a good business decision considering the exchange rate in the country. Why a good business decision?

You create MDC account for free and you earn in dollars. So what is delaying you from starting this business?