How to Create a Free Report – Step-by-Step Guide for An Affiliate Marketer

Producing a free report is one of the ways to activate a call to action to a certain link or ad on your website. The main goal is to come up with a free report that people want to read; and that you can easily disseminate to your audience.

There are tips that you can use to capture the attention of your readers who are hungry for information on the internet through their searches. This includes some ideas that will entice your readers to click on links within the body of the free report as well as ads that reside on the pages of the free report.

Determine the Content of your Report

First thing first, you need to determine the content of your free report. And the major determinant of the content should be an affiliate program you want to promote. Your free report must be informative and at the same time focused on the subject matter that is clear enough to the audience.

As an example, instead of writing a general article about Online Money Making, you may want to go with a narrower topic, such as “Top Ten Online Business Ideas.” In focusing in on one aspect of Online Money-Making Schemes, you help yourself in two ways. With this, your article will easily find its ways to search engine. Beside that, you have already laid a solid foundation on the aspect of online money-making ideas.

Use Story

Don’t forget that people like stories. Keep your story simple and short. Make sure it is relevant to the content you are creating. This will motivate your reader to keep going, so he or she can see what mini-story you will present with the next point. Lets your story be relevant and focused on the topic so that it will be easy for you to insert appropriate affiliate links in to the report.

Failure to do this appropriately means your readers will switch off and that will forfeit the purpose of making money through the affiliate links included in your report. Don’t forget this, if your link is positioned properly within the text, it will seem almost natural to click on the link and investigate what is on the other side.

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