How to Become an Authorized Distributor of Molfix Diaper ( A Simple Step Guide)

Essentially, diapers are becoming the norm today in Nigeria. It is known that on average, a baby uses three pieces of diapers in a day. A simple calculation will give you the total amount of what a mother spends on diapers per day. This is the more reason why becoming an authorized distributor of Molfix diapers is very lucrative.

For more than 8 years now I have been in the baby products industry. So I will give you authentic information about the steps you need to take to become a distributor for Hayat Kimya Nigeria Limited which produces Molfix diapers.

Step 1: Contact The Company

The first and the right step is to contact the company to make enquiries about the availability of distributorship in your proposed area. Hayat Kimya Nigeria Limited has area sales managers across the 36 states in the country.

The best way to contact the company is through the contact information on the diaper pack. Alternatively, check LinkedIn for their area sales manager. They will be more than willing to help you with the necessary information.

This is the necessary information you need to ask from the company:
Capital requirements
Sales support
Incentive package
Available Distributor slot in your area of interest

Step 2: Register Your Business With the Government

You can’t be in business and not have proper documents to validate your genuineness. Corporate Affairs Commission is the body saddled with the responsibility of formulating policies that deal with business registration in Nigeria. With all documents ready, you be able to open a bank account with commercial banks in Nigeria.

Step 3: Build a Sales Team

The success of any business largely depends on the team you build. Make sure to hire people with the right work experience and proper work ethics. Your sales team should have people with sales experience.

Hire right to get it right. Other people you need to support your field sales team are the back office personnel. They will be in charge of banking, warehousing and other administrative duties.

Step 4: Buy Delivery Vehicles

Your business involves the movement of goods from warehouse to market. For quick and fast delivery, you need vehicles that are sound and spacious. It will not be a bad idea to have buses or vans, mini trucks and other fleets of vehicles for stock movement. Remember, you are in the distribution business, vehicles are very important for your success.

Although Hayat Kimya gives out vehicles to their managers but this will not be enough for you if you need to make it big in the business. You need to sell volume to gain volume. Apart from this, the company has so many brands of products such as tissues, baby wipes, lady sanitary pads, detergents, etc.

Step 5: Map Out Marketing Strategies

What’s your marketing strategy? I mean how do you want to capture the market given to you? Don’t forget that as a distributor, an area will be given to you to sell to. If you are in Lagos, an area will be allotted to you to sell.

Take for instant, Ketu could be your area of coverage which means that you are restricted to selling to both neighbourhood and open markets with the Ketu axis. So how do you want to optimize sales in this area?

This is why you need to strategize to get the necessary sales within your area. First, have a direct-to-retail team. This team will solely sell to retailers in the neighborhood. Second, have an open market team. They are meant to sell to all open markets on your area.

Skills Need to Be a Successful Distributor

As a distributor, you manage people and money. Understand the basic skills needed. Such include bookkeeping and people management.

Skill No 1: Sales and Marketing Skills

As a business owner, you will these key ingredients – sales and marketing. They are essential for your success.

Skill No 2 : Communication

You need to be skilled in act of communication. Communication with your staff and customers must be effective in order to achieve your business aim. Of all the skill a business leader needs, communication skill stands out. It is because you need to be well understood by your customers and other stakeholders.


Selling baby diapers and other brands for great companies like Hayat Kimya, Voyage Intl, etc is a good decision a
for any investor in the baby products category. It is lucrative but required skills and capital. Are you willing to start a distribution business? Reach out today on WhatsApp at +2348030756813 consultation is N10,000. Share this page and leave a comment if this has been helpful.

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