How do I become an affiliate on Stakecut?

Welcome to Stakecut affiliate marketing where you don’t have to create your own products or offer a service. Sounds good? So how do I become an affiliate marketer on Stakecut?

Whether you are a blogger or online business owner, becoming an affiliate marketer on Stakecut is one of the best moves you can make to add to your sources of income.

The first step of becoming an affiliate marketer on Stakecut is by signing up on the Stakecut platform.

So How do You become an affiliate on Stakecut?

How to become an affiliate marketer on Stakecut? This question is what most people who are interested in making money online through affiliate marketing face often.

Step 1:  Sign Up on the Stakecut Affiliate Platform  

Start by heading to the Stakecut affiliate marketing home page. Click on Create Free Account on Stakecut.

Next, enter your details into the space provided.

When you’re done, hit Create button. This will then lead to the dashboard of this platform. So what next after this?

Step 2: Decide and Pick a Right Niche  

What is a niche? One of my favorite definitions of niche is by Neil Patel. This is how he describes it:

“A niche is a highly-specialized market. For example, a niche product could be something like:

An organic bath soap.

Normal bath soap is mass-produced and bought in large quantities. It’s almost overlooked as a real purchase and typically falls under a habit purchase.

But, organic bath soap is a smaller market. Companies in this soap segment aren’t as large, and there is a smaller group of people buying it. There are many niches on the Stakecut marketplace. Such niches include health, digital products, etc.  

This means it’s a niche easier to compete in than going against a soap titan like Dove.”

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Step 3: Generate and Promote Your Affiliate Links

That’s it – you’re now a Stakecutter!  It is now time to generate your affiliate links on this platform. Go to the affiliate marketplace dashboard to pick your appropriate links. Choose the right niche that you have an audience for or you are building an audience on. Affiliate marketing succeeds when you have the right audience you can promote your affiliate link to.  

How much can I make on Stakecut?

Stakecut is a reputable, reliable affiliate marketing platform that offers substantial earning potential.

How do you turn this potential into a profit? – Start with a plan. To make the most of Stakecut, get your WordPress blog up and running — be sure to pick a great domain name, and create quality content for your visitors.  

Who is the owner of Stakecut?

Stakecut was founded in 2022 by Joshua Mba and Czar Nnamani. Stakecut is among the affiliate platforms that have sprung out of Nigeria.

Stakecut is targeting African markets primarily but makes earning possible in any part of the world where you can receive payment in dollars.  


 The process of becoming an affiliate on Stakecut is easy and simple. To get best result, you have to leverage the best strategies to attract an audience and build relationships with them.