Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Diapers

People are asking various questions on diaper every day. I have come to address these frequently asked questions.

What is the best diaper in Nigeria?

Well, there are a lot of baby diapers in the Nigerian market today. To single out one as the best might be a big problem but based on customers reviews these are listed in no particular order :



Baby Cici


Kiss Kids

Softcare diapers


Dr Brown and many more.

Is diaper Business Profitable?

The answer is yes! The level of profitability now depends on the level you are playing. These levels are wholesale, retail and distributor. The level of cash involvements are different. To be a distributor, you need much cash than a wholesaler while the retailer requires less cash than the rest.

Is Huggies diaper made in Nigeria?

Huggies baby diapers is produced by Kimberly Clark in Nigeria. The manufacturing plant of this company is located in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria. There are two versions of Huggies diapers – the one produced in Nigeria and the foreign one commonly called Snug. The simple answer is yes. Huggies is produced in Nigeria.

What Are the 3 Types of Diapers?

There are 3 kinds of baby diapers you can find in the market.

Cloth diapers

Flushable diapers

Disposable diapers

The disposable diapers are common in the market and biodegradable.

Top 10 baby diaper brands

These are the top 10 baby diapers in Nigeria :


Baby Cici


kiss Kids




Dr. Brown



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What is Kisskids?

Kiss Kids is a brand of diapers produced by a Chinese company called Voyage International Company in Nigeria. They are also in the Kenya market. The elastic band tape is one of the major features it has. Kiss kids has been major tussle with Molfix for reasonable market share since it finds itself into the market.

Which Diaper is Best for 6 Months Baby?

This question is ambiguous. Well in terms of brand, I have listed them up so you may check. But when it comes to the size of diapers, mostly size 3 (Midi) is commonly used by babies of this age.

How Do I Start a Diaper Business in Nigeria?

To start a diaper business in Nigeria majorly depends on which category of customers you want to be. These are the categories of people doing diaper business.


Sub Distributor



The major difference is in the financial capacity. To start as a distributor you need to have some major facilities and a huge capital base. Registration with CAC is equally required and distribution facilities.

As a sub-distributor, you need something equivalent to a major distributor. While as a wholesaler few thousand of naira will be needed. About 150,000 Naira is enough to start. What is required for a retailer is less than that of a wholesaler.

How Do You Become a Distributor of Molfix Diapers?

Are you in need of requirements on how to become a Molfix distributor? To be a distributor for the company requires you to have some funds in millions of naira. The requirement keeps getting bigger. You will need to approach the company through a designated sales manager in a particular state of the country.

You can network your way into the company by reaching out to their customer care on Facebook or the hotline. There are guidelines to follow. You will be given right direction on what to do to be a full fledged distributor. If you scaled through the process, congratulations you are welcome into the distribution business.

How Do You Succeed in Diaper Business?

Simply you need some skills and right knowledge about business. Besides there some pitfall you need to avoid in order to be successful in diaper business. Learn more here.


I hope all the answers address your concerns and curiosity. Should there be any question you need clarification on, write it down in comment section below I will attend to it. Feel free to share this post.