Yara Diapers: Fouani Starts Diaper Business in Nigeria

This year alone has witnessed the entrant of different companies in to the diaper industry in Nigeria. Over 2.1 billion baby diaper pieces are produced annually in Nigeria. The industry is witnessing so many revolution as the players keep displacing and taking slice of the market share from each other. Early last year, Andritz and Fouani announced a major partnership.


The partnership comes with two lines of diaper production. It is a welcome development as this stiff competition favours the end users and more job opportunities for the masses. Early this month of June, 2022 Fouani brings Yara Baby Diapers into the market.

There are currently 5 variants of their sizes :






These different pack sizes make it easier for various consumers to buy according to their pocket size. Diaper business is getting huge and various opportunities are coming into the industry. A would-be distributor can now apply for distributorship in various states of Nigeria.

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Most companies looking for distributors always request for

CAC Registration,


Standard Warehouse

Back End Staff

Distribution vans

Sales team etc.

With this, you are good to apply for distributorship although something can be waived for new distributors.