Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Do you want to make money online through Expertnaire? What is Expertnaire affiliate marketing? It is a digital products platform for promotion of digital products.

Affiliate marketing is a modern and lucrative way to earn money online through the promotion of other people’s products either Physical or digital products. The affiliate marketing industry is estimated to be worth $12 Billion globally. Most Affiliates have a simple registration process including Expertnaire too.

Expertnaire affiliate marketing by Toyin Omotoso is one of the best affiliate platforms in Nigeria today. This affiliate network makes provision for the promotion of various digital skills and other valuable programs. Toyin recently published a book on How to Really Win at the Game of Affiliate Marketing.

Its alternative is Learnoflix. And the newly introduced platforms, Sabimentor, and NoHitchFiliate. But majorly Expertnaire is superior in the sense that it houses a lot of programs. Just simply put it, Expertnaire is Nigeria’s Clickbank.

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

Expertnaire is one of many affiliate platforms in Nigeria today. It is an online marketplace for digital products. It has over 72,000 affiliates who are promoting various digital products on the platform. It was started by Toyin Omotoso who is an online infopreneur.

How do I get started with Expertnaire affiliate marketing?

Just like other affiliate marketing, you first need to have a source or platform. You are required to register as an affiliate on Expertnaire as an affiliate or a vendor.

After registering in an affiliate program, you will be given some product links.

In many cases, you have to copy the ad/link of the product you want to select and add or display it on your blog or other platforms such as page/group, Facebook, WhatsApp Status, etc.

Now, if a visitor buys that product through the link/ad of the product shown on your platform ( blog, YouTube channel, social media page ), then you will get a commission against that sale.

In this way, the more traffic, visitors, followers, or subscribers you have on your platforms, the more opportunities there will be to sell the products.

How Much Money Can Be Earned on Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing?

Honestly, how much money you make from Expertnaire affiliate marketing is entirely up to you. Today, people are earning millions of naira a month just through this. So if you try, you can easily earn a few thousand Naira a month. But, it must take you a while to understand this affiliate marketing game.

That’s why you need 72 Income Generator on Expertnaire. This way you learn how you can earn unlimited money through digital skills.

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How to promote products on Expertnaire

There are different ways of promoting digital products on Expertnaire, such includes a blog and YouTube channel, WhatsApp Status, Facebook, etc. Because, through these mediums, you will be able to explain to the visitors your product better. As a result, the demand for their products increases.

Besides these channels, another prefer method that has worked well in promotion of any affiliate program is email marketing. There are various email marketing software you can sign up for. I will personally recommend Systeme io and Get Response.

How much does it cost to join the Expertnaire affiliate program?

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing platform requires an annual fee of 10,000 Naira to promote all digital programs on the platform. If you bought 72 Income Generator, you have a free Expertnaire account as a bonus automatically.

What kind of products should I promote on the platform?

Of course, always choose a product whose content is in demand among the people. Today people want to make money online, and for that people need digital skills to earn online.

Such digital skills include copywriting, freelancing, virtual assistant etc. There are also demands for many types of online products. At the same time, try to market the products that can be easily sold and the ones that have higher commission income.


This platform is one of the good places to start your affiliate marketing journey. You need some skills to be able to get some levels of results. You can’t promote effectively what you don’t understand.

I implore you to read this article again. Share it Put this at the back of your mind affiliate marketing is not a get-quick-rich scheme. Do you want to learn more about affiliate marketing? Drop your comment below.

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