Expertnaire for Beginners: How to Make 350K As a Beginner in Affiliate Marketing

If you are completely new to affiliate marketing or you are a veteran, let me introduce you to Expertnaire. This article is actually tagged as Expertnaire for beginner. Even as a pro affiliate marketer, you can still learn about Expertnaire affiliate marketing.

Expertnaire has been around for about 4 years now in Nigeria as an online marketplace. As a beginner who wants to make money online, the Expertnaire affiliate platform is a good place to begin your affiliate market journey. In this article, you will learn how to start and what products to promote.

You will be exposed to the tools you need to succeed in this journey of affiliate marketing. If you are in Nigeria or any other part of the world, you need to read this as it will give you the detailed information you need for affiliate marketing and other online businesses.    

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Have you ever bought any product based on your friend’s recommendation or anyone? It could be online or in a physical store. What you did then is a basic of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing simply means recommending a product from a vendor to the needing buyer.

You are just to play a role as a middleman. So Expertnaire affiliate marketing works in the same model. You have products from different vendors and get them across to people who need it. The stress of product creation has been taken off you because you don’t need to create a product to sell. So how do you now make your own money in the process?

I am going to explain this in the latter part of this article. But understand there is a journey a customer goes through in the process of buying the product.

You must know what stage your customer is at a particular time. From awareness, consideration, and the last stage when the customer eventually buys, you need to be aware and create a system for tracking this. That’s why a pro affiliate uses what is called a funnel system to map the buyer’s journey.

Sales Funnel

The funnel system creation and other things would be discussed because you will need to make this for you to promote Expertnaire affiliate products successfully and effortlessly.

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

There are different digital platforms for the promotion of digital products. A list example foreign platform are Click Bank, JVZoo, Digi Store, ShareAsale, Warriorplus etc. While we have another Nigerian based affiliate network like Expertnaire, Stakecut, Nohitchfiliate, Sabimentor, Learnoflix.

As a beginner who has not tried or promoted any digital products on Expertnaire before, you will need to register on the network or platform of Expertnaire.

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This is the first stage in becoming an affiliate on Expertnaire network. The cost of registration is 10,000 naira annual paid annually to access digital products on Expertnaire platform. But there is another way to access Expertnaire account free. How? Please read on to get more information about how to get it free.

The founder of this of Expertnaire created a course called 72 IG Implementation Program. This is a digital bundle of some basic of digital marketing to advanced level in the process of becoming an affiliate in Expertnaire. There are certain skills needed for you to be effective in affiliate marketing. So immediately you buy this course of Omotosho, one year free account is automatically created for you.

Where ever you have deficient skill you can outsource it. You don’t need to be a web designer, although it is required, but you can build your funnel delegating to another person to do that on your behalf. These are not actually difficult to learn. The following affiliate marketing skills you need would be taught in 72IG class:

– Lead Generation

– Copywriting

– Funnel building

– Closing/Sales.

Expertnaire from time to time organises different sales promotion for the 72IG program. So 72IG Challenge is organised to motivate high performing affiliate who has the highest sales within 30-120 days timeline. The second one is 72IG Sales Promotion in December. This is a 7-day Promo for all who planned to take the course called 72IG. This period of promo, the price of 72Ig is reduced from 62,500 to 42,500. With this you will save 20,000. Click here to take part in the promo. Note that the promo is slated for 1-7 December.

Try 72 Implementation Course Here

How to Start Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner

The first good step in the right direction for you in affiliate marketing is to get the required skills in affiliate marketing. This is very important. Then decide on which niche aspect you will pick to promote.

There are various profitable niches you can choose from but make sure to pick the one that you know about and have passion for. Example of niches are health, relationship and dating, finance, blogging etc.

There are so many niches that you just have to pick the one that easily resonates with you.  So, on Expertnaire, please look for a product that you can easily teach or you know about very well. There are various products on the network that I will briefly explain to you later in this write-up.

Don’t start to promote a product for the commission you will earn although the commission percent should also be considered before you choose to promote any brand. Read more about How to Promote Affiliate Products. Note that you will need to build an audience that you will sell your products to. Read more about mistakes to avoid in Affiliate Marketing

Expertnaire Affiliate Sales Dashboard

I believe you are not going to sell to spirit. Your audience should be having the potentials to buy what you are recommending to them and they must be hungry for the products.

Don’t forget that the product must solve a particular problem for the audience to buy. You will not want to sell a weight loss product to a slim man. What else does he want to burn, bone or what?        

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Products

There are numbers of products you can find on Expertnaire affiliate network. Picking the right product pays a very crucial role in your success. Don’t forget that the major metrics that will determine how successful you are in affiliate marketing is the amount of money you make.

Note that there  are products with a 50% commission. This means that if you sell product worth 20,000 Naira, your commission will be 50% of 20,000 and that equals 10,000 naira.  These are examples of digital products you can find on this network called Expertnaire. There are over fifty products on Expertnaire network.

72 IG Program Affiliate Marketing

Export Business

How to Attract Investor

US Importation Masterclass

Earn Six Figures Weekly From Home As a Virtual Assistant

Building Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing

If there is anything that will keep you in affiliate business, it is having an appropriate sales funnel. The reason why this is very important is that a sales funnel shows you if you have exposure to the right number of audiences, the overall conversion rate and other metrics.

The awareness stage makes you to understand the number of people who are exposed to the products you want to sell. So, if your potential buyers are at the awareness stage, the question is, are they taking the necessarily steps to the next stage?

On your sales funnel make sure there is an appropriate call to action (CTA). Some of the frequently used CTA terms are register here, call now, buy now, watch the free here, click here etc. For your sales funnel, you will definitely need a website.

You can buy a website from Nigerian hosting company like Who Host, Smart Web. Alternatively, a foreign domain seller like Namecheap or Bluehost will not be a bad idea if you can afford it.

You can buy a domain name on WhoGoHost by clicking here or go to NameCheap and Bluehost. You can build you funnel system by yourself or outsource it. Funnel are built with page builders like Thrive Architect, Brizy, Elementor etc.  You will need a email marketing software in the processing of creating follow-up for your audience. You can choose a free platform like Systeme io for email marketing.


Quickly have this as a take home update, affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme but it can make you some money.

To make 350k a month is possible but you must put in the required amount of hard work. In fact, you can make more than this, but you will need the required skills to easily earn money online.

As a beginner, don’t be overwhelmed with information. Take a step at a time. Make up your mind that it will work if you do it appropriately. Does this article help you? Share it freely.

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