Dr. Brown’s Products

Without a doubt, the history of baby diapers in Nigeria will not be complete without mentioning Dr. Brown’s by Wemy Industries. Dr. Brown’s products in Nigeria are recognized as quality indigenous goods. Wemy Industries produces products ranging from feminine care, baby care, and adult care. The name “Dr. Brown’s” is a trademark of the company. The name Dr Brown is inspired from the American Dr White.

With an extensive network of distribution, you will never see a state without the presence of Dr. Brown’s distributors. The spread of these distributors has made the products available to consumers both at the retail and wholesale ends. The founder of the company is Dr. Ademola Odunaiya. Presently the firm is being managed by the second generation – Paul Odunaiya, the managing director. You can read on to know more about various products from this company.

Baby Care Products

Modern days mothers can’t do with baby wipes and baby diapers. Thanks to Wemy Industries who introduced baby diapers into the Nigerian market over 40 years ago. The founder of this company, Pastor (Dr.) Odunaiya is a widely travelled man who sees the need for baby products as essential necessities and not luxuries. Dr. Brown’s Baby Diapers is widely accepted among mothers due to its affordability and quality. You can never overlook the quality fragrance of Dr. Brown’s Baby Wipes. Without it, your baby items are not complete. It holds the largest market share in the Wipes category in Nigeria. Leading the market share with over 50% of the total volume. To further strengthen its market revenue, water baby wipes is now being added with much acceptability among mothers.

Feminine Care

This is another category of products from Wemy Industries. The female sanitary pad called Dr. Brown’s Pad is although really not seen in the market in recent times. Mother’s maternity pad is also available from the company. It is well-known today in the market for affordability.

Adult Convenience

In recent times, adult Convenience products are common among the Nigerian old populace. To cater to the old loved ones who are in serious need of this for health reasons. Dr. Brown’s Adult Diapers is widely known.

Final Note

Dr. Brown’s products are always available for you whether you are a mother or a potential distributor. News coming from the firm reveals that Wemy Industries is ready to introduce another product into the market – Wemy’s Rok Ice Block. If you want to have business with the company, drop a comment below.