Brando Konnect: Enjoy Fast and Cheap Unlimited Data Access

Everyone loves fast and reliable internet. But the cost of these two qualities is not easy to come by. That’s why Brando Konnet has come to the rescue for a fast, reliable, and unlimited monthly data plan.

Brando Konet wants students, professionals, and businesses to enjoy hassle-free internet without breaking the bank.

Let’s start by talking about this new internet service provider.

Brando Konnect

Enjoy unlimited data access, reliable and superfast at cheapest rate

What is Brand Konnect?

Brando Konnect is a member of Brando Group. Brando Konnect is a Nigerian internet service provider company with a world-class spirit. It was started by Nigerian-born businessman Ambassador Ubong Brownson Iwok from Uyo – Akwa-Ibom State in Nigeria. Brando Konnect is an internet service provider that can help you connect to the internet anywhere and anytime in Nigeria and any part of the world.  

By using the Brando App, you can enjoy high-speed 4G internet access anywhere and anytime.

How Does BrandoKonnet Work?

The company operates a sim-less internet connectivity. This means you don’t need a sim card from MTN, Glo to connect with the internet. To access the service, you must sign up using the app.

How to Download Brando Konnect App

Are you ready to join the BrandDo users? Brando Konnect App allows you to access the internet easily. So as an Android user, you have access to many apps from various stores depending on your brand of phone.

Here’s how to safely download the Brando Konect app from your Play Store: instructions apply to smartphones and tablets running Android 9.0 and later.

Head to the Google Play Store and download Brando App.

Tap Install to start downloading Brando Konnect App.

Launch or open Brando App.

Click on Sign-Up if you have not registered before. 

Copy and paste this referral code “Brandokonnect-213711” where necessary.   

Brando Konnect Data Subscription

Konnect offers three internet plans, namely – daily, weekly and monthly plans. What is the cost of these plans?

Daily Plan – 170 Naira

Weekly Plan – 1090 Naira

Monthly Plan – 4,000 Naira

Benefits of Brando

  1. Browse without a SIM card
  2. Browse with high-speed internet
  3. Browse where there is no network coverage
  4. Browse with a low rate or affordable rate
  5. Browse with unlimited data. 

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