5 Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

I recently received a call from someone who knows me very well as an affiliate marketer. He asked me, “What are the best affiliate programs in Nigeria?” So, I told him this, and so I know are the best affiliate programs in Nigeria.

He said he had his findings and he needed to confirm these programs. I am going to be revealing these fantastic affiliate programs you can promote from the comfort of your home.

Some of these programs are free, while some require an annual fee as a subscription to join. All of this I will demonstrate. I will give you details on how to promote your affiliate links to your audience best. Remember that affiliate success solely depends on the quality of traffic you get exposed to your affiliate links.

Have you ever wondered why people want to pitch their products in the open market in Nigeria? Let’s say people who sell pepper or food generally. Because they understand the need for traffic, they go and rent a shop inside the market to get traffic to flow towards them when they are inside the market.

So, you want to sell other people’s products online? This is the essence of affiliate marketing. You are selling a product you did not create. This means you’ll be selling a digital or physical product created by someone else. Then you will be paid a commission as a reward.

The Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

There are certain things you need to watch for before deciding to join any affiliate program. These features make the best affiliate programs stand above the rest. These include affiliate commission, number of days of cookies, demands for the products on the affiliate network, and free vs paid affiliate network.

Affiliate Program at Jumia

I think you know that Jumia is an e-commerce giant in Nigeria and other African countries. It has a number of vendors on the network who want their products sold to the end users. One of the marketing strategies deployed by the company called Jumia is to give affiliate marketers the opportunity to make certain commissions from the customers referred by you to their website.

The referred person must buy through your affiliate links to be eligible for commissions. It is not Jumia alone that adopts this system; an American company called Amazon also has the same pattern. Yes! The news is that Amazon is ready to enter the Nigerian market soon. Joining the Jumia affiliate program costs nothing.

It is completely free with a lifetime limit of 30 cookies. A unique referrer link would be provided for you to use on your website or YouTube channel.

See the Jumia affiliate commission below.

The Konga Affiliate Program

Konga is an online e-commerce giant that operates in Nigeria. It is one of the best affiliate programs to promote in Nigeria today because it is one of the best-known brands in the country. Konga is an online e-commerce giant, so there are a lot of products you can review and promote.

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It has free signup and pays a 9% commission. After registering, you will be assigned a unique referral link that can be tracked through special software. You have access to information about your click rate on your dashboard.

The Stakecut Affiliate Program

The Stakecut Affiliate program is a Nigerian-based but African-focused affiliate network. It is relatively new in the world of affiliate marketing. But it is already commanding a good share of the market. Presently, it has over 3000 affiliates registered on its network.

It has a good track record of paying its affiliates in local currency using US dollars as the standard of payment. The promoters on its network enjoy long-term cookies. This is a good sign for any network promoter. With the Stakecut affiliate program, you have access to online training through Stakecut University.

Affiliate Program for Nohitchfiliate

The Nohitchfiliate Affiliate program was started by Kenneth Nwakanma. The network was born out of a concern that the promotion and joining process on affiliate networks should be absolutely free. Most of the programs on the network pay as high as 50% commission. You can earn dollars in your local currency equivalent. It has some amazing products such as Ground Zero and other “ClickBank Hacking Tips”. Try and join Nohitchfiliate here.

Affiliate Program for TravelStart

If you are in the travel niche, I mean those who are in the teaching of travel on their blog, travel consultants, lifestyle, and tourism niche also. It is very easy to promote for them because affiliate marketing involves recommending a product to your audience. TravelStar is an online booking and ticket aggregator.

Its affiliate program works for both local and international flights.

Travelstart’s commission structure for both local and international flights is different. It pays 2% for all international flights and 2.5% for all local flights.

It is absolutely free to sign up for the Travel Start Affiliate program.


Promoting these affiliate programs in Nigeria is one of the best ways to earn a good commission online.

If you can create an audience or community for the affiliate you intend to promote, then you are on the way to making meaningful cash from this business model. Which of these do you think you can promote effectively?