Besense Sanitary Pad

Besense Sanitary Pad is produced by Goonite Hygiene. Besense is a short form of be making sense. Three variants of Besense Sanitary Pad were introduced in the market in 2021. The brand was unveiled alongside the elegant lady who is presently the brand ambassador Destiny Etiko for Besense Sanitary Pad and Lebrace Baby diapers. The same products from Goonite Hygiene FZE.

According to the Managing Director of the company Mr. John Jiang, their choice for Destiny is largely due to her taste for perfection and quality. The MD is optimistic that Destiny’s role as their brand ambassador will have a positive impact on the growth of their brands. Besense is styled in designed like Virony Sanitary Pad.

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Besense Sanitary Pad

You can find Besense in various retail stores across the country. It has affordable prices with high quality. It is packaged in a series of 30 pieces with 3 different variants. These include heavy flow, normal flow, and panty liners. “Besense Sanitary Pads come with large absorbency core, tender soft fluffy surface, a natural mint flavor which removes offensive odors, keeping you fresh and dry all day.”

You can’t doubt the quality of the products from Goonite Hygiene. They have one of the hottest selling baby diaper products in the market.

With Besense, be making sense…

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