Affiliate Marketer: 5 Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

There is no doubt about it, affiliate marketing is one of the lucrative ways of making money online with few resources.

In this article, I am going to be showing the major reasons why some people have devoted their time to choosing affiliate marketing over other forms of online business.

This is not farfetched because it benefits them in so many ways.
Anybody can become an affiliate marketer so far you are ready to go through the process involved in becoming one of the online marketers.

Who is an affiliate marketer?

An affiliate marketer uses the internet to sell products to buyers through recommendations. The affiliate marketer does not produce the products, he only sells and earns a commission based on the agreed percentage. The price a buyer buys doesn’t increase because of the affiliate marketer.

Being an affiliate marketer is a rewarding adventure if done properly. Your efforts are adequately rewarded based on your performance. And performance comes from quality traffic who comes to your website or YouTube channel or other mediums.

How to become an Affiliate Marketer

You don’t need a degree to become an affiliate marketer. So this makes the affiliate marketing industry easy entry and competitive.

But you need to have an edge over your competition. Therefore I am going to be showing you how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Step 1: Choose A Familiar Niche

There are various niches in the online space, but you need to pick a particular one that resonates with you. What is a niche? A niche is an area of specialization for an affiliate marketer.

Take for example a game of football, a goalkeeper can’t be a striker at the same time. As an affiliate marketer who wants to be successful, you can’t be all in all at the same time.

Pick a particular topic or product you will promote. The list below should guide you on how to pick your niche.

  1. Am I interested in the topic?
  2. What’s the market size of the people interested in this niche?
  3. What’s the income potential you can get through the niche?

Step 2: Register on Affiliate Networks

What’s an affiliate network? Affiliate networks serve as links between vendors and affiliates. There are different affiliate networks.

The globally recognized ones are ShareAsale, Click Bank, Warrior plus etc. Other networks you can easily find in Nigeria are Expertnaire Affiliate network, Stakecut, Nohitchfiliate, etc.

You can register your details and start promoting any products that your audience loves.

Step 3: Build an Email List

There is a popular saying that is common in the online space. “The money is in the list”. This is purely true because of all the audience-building strategies, email marketing stands out.

It is better than any other one because social media platforms have strict rules about affiliate marketing. But with email marketing, you are not restricted. Anyone who gives out his email address wants to receive information from you. Therefore make sure to build a quality email list.

I will personally recommend you use Systeme io software to build your list. You can try it here. Read more about email marketing software here.

Step 4: Create Content

Content creation is a very key part of your success in affiliate marketing. There are different contents you can create to connect with your audience.

A blog is one of the best ways to educate or review any products you are promoting. YouTube is another way of creating content.

Read more about how to promote Affiliate links here.

Make sure to create content that is valuable, helpful and shareable for an audience.

What are the Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate Marketer?

There are numerous benefits of being an affiliate marketer. The benefits outweigh its cons.

Although not an ideal business model for lazy people but affiliate marketing makes it easier for an individual who wants to make it online. Below I am going to list various benefits of being an affiliate marketer.

Low Cost and High Return on Investment

Starting affiliate marketing required not so much amount of money. If you are thinking of any low-cost business then think of affiliate marketing. It is easy to step with little or no capital.

How much will cost you to start a YouTube channel? Zero! Well, let’s say data subscription. What will it cost you to start a blog, just with a few dollars you are good to go.

To get a domain name from Name Cheap is less than $16. The hosting plan from Cloudway is relatively cheap. Affiliate marketing is a low-cost business with high yield when done properly by having the right audience.

Work Flexibility

The major reason why most people opt for affiliate marketing is that it offers job flexibility. If you prefer a simple lifestyle and like work at home model, then affiliate marketing is good for you.

Most introverts are known to embrace affiliate marketing. Besides, you can combine it with your 9-5 job and you can switch from one affiliate network to another.

No Income Limit

The simple truth about affiliate marketing is that there is no limit to what you can earn. The more traffic you have, the better income you get.

Take, for example, Bluehost pays $65 sign-up for its hosting plan. Imagine 200 people signing up using your affiliate links in a month. That’s huge. This is possible provided you have the traffic.

Free Entry- No Degree Required

To be a medical doctor, you will need to spend some years in college. You must have a valid license to practice as a doctor.

You can not be a lawyer without being to a law school. Affiliate marketing is just different, a degree is not needed to start nor is a professional certification required. Just your skills.

That’s skill is called digital marketing skills. It is simple to learn and implement. You can learn all these through YouTube, blogs etc.

Recurring Passive Income

Depending on the kind of Affiliate program you sign up for. Some affiliate networks offer recurring income—especially software-based affiliates.

A good example is the GetRespnse affiliate program and Systeme io software. You can even enjoy a passive income through a second-tier affiliate arrangement.

This is a kind of affiliate program that you earn from people who signed up for a program that’s not directly under you but through one of your downlines.


As an affiliate marketer, you are well-positioned to earn passively without limitation. Not only this, your work pattern is flexible. But the success of this comes from your skill level and traffic.

To enjoin the full benefits that affiliate marketing offers, I always advise that you continue to sharpen your skill levels in blogging and YouTube content creation. So, what benefits do you want from affiliate marketing? Share this article freely.

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