Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria : Your Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing

You like more money, is that not so? Everyone loves to make money and spend more money for immediate comfort. Earning income is not limited to working round the clock for someone alone. You can be in the comfort of your home and still earn the same amount your 9-5 job will pay you through affiliate marketing.

Making this income can be earned through a simple website, a YouTube channel and many more through affiliate marketing.
Reading this article shows you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing just like I was curious to learn about it some years ago. Well then, the internet has not become as easily accessible as today.

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is emerging because of the available and better worldwide Web. Popular internet marketers like Toyin Omotoso, Otunba Akin Alabi, and many others have laid a good foundation for learning about digital marketing in Nigeria which affiliate marketing is a branch of it. 

Overview of Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is a way of selling what other people have created. This means you don’t need to create a product to sell. The process of product creation can be cumbersome whether physical or digital products, and it involves a lot to make a good product.

This model of business has been in existence for long in the world. But it becomes popular in Nigeria in recent times. Although there is a similar pattern of marketing that is offline, especially in the open markets in Nigeria.

If you are familiar with some open markets like the Ladipo market in Lagos, you must have come across something that looks like affiliate marketing. Some Igbo boys will stand at strategic locations in Ladipo market where people are looking for spare parts to buy.

They have a way of convincing potential buyers to follow them to shops to buy products they are not the owners of. Affiliate marketing in Nigeria today is booming and more people are embracing it as a means of making money online.
How does affiliate marketing work?

It is simple! Get a product you have knowledge of or are passionate about from any affiliate platform. Look for online traffic and recommend this product to them. Boom! You make sales. Just as simple as that.

There are different affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria. I have several articles I have written about these affiliate marketing Platforms in Nigeria. But let me give you some popular ones you can easily learn about and join. There are free ones to join and there are paid affiliate networks in Nigeria today.

You can’t talk about affiliate marketing in Nigeria today without Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing whose founder is Toyin Omotoso. He is one of the top affiliate marketers in Nigeria. Other affiliate networks are Stakecut affiliate network, Learnoflix, Nohitchfiliate, Jumia affiliate program etc. Let me show you four major components that make affiliate marketing successful in Nigeria.

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The Product Vendor

You remember that I told you about product creation. Good! A product vendor makes a finished digital or physical product available to people who want to sell on his behalf. A vendor can be an individual or an organisation.

As a product vendor, your duties involved creating a unique product that people love to buy and is also in high demand. You also need to make these extra items available to your affiliate – product sales page and swipe files.

The Affiliate Marketer

I am going to simply put it for you to quickly have an understanding of who is an affiliate marketer. He is a promoter. He creates awareness for the product through various means. Such means of promoting affiliate products are blogs, YouTube, social media etc.

There are skills needed to be a successful affiliate marketer. Good product knowledge and digital marketing skills are very crucial in your affiliate journey. There are some of the skills that can be outsourced to other parties to handle for you.

The Product Buyer

Creating a product without consumers is just a pure waste of time and other resources expended in the creation process. Your major focus as an affiliate marketer is to devise a means to reach them digitally.

You will not make your commission if you don’t sell to the buyers. An example of a digital product in Nigeria’s online space is the 72IG program by Toyin Omotoso.

Affiliate Platforms

Affiliate networks or platforms provide leverage on which affiliate marketers register to promote available products. Affiliate networks come in when a vendor relies on a third party to onboard affiliate marketers for the organisations that created the products.

Examples of the affiliate network in Nigeria are Expertnaire Affiliate Network, Learnoflix, Stakecut affiliate platform, and Nohitchfiliate etc. One good thing about these networks is that they ensure there is strict compliance with product quality before enlisting any product in the platform.
Some International affiliate Platforms are ClickBank, Warrior Plus, ShareaSale which is the largest affiliate network in the world.


I believe reading this article has opened you up to a better understanding of how affiliate marketing works in Nigeria. You can’t afford to waste this digital opportunity to earn online without much effort. Learn more, earn more. Try and implement what you have learned in this article.