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5 Baby Product Business Ideas You Can Start with Less than 500k in Nigeria

Are you looking for a business to start with little capital? Selling of baby products won’t be a bad idea. I have a list of baby product ideas you can start with less than 500k. Available data shows that over 4 million babies are born into Nigerian families annually. Nigeria’s annual baby birth rate is high

It is the second highest next to China. The population of the entire country of Nigeria keeps increasing. Presently Nigeria is estimated to have over 200m people. That’s the largest in Africa.  This gives you an idea that there is a huge opportunity for the baby products business in Nigeria.

A major factor driving this market is the rise in rural-urban migration. A lot of people in Nigeria are coming out of their rural places to live a modern city life. This new lifestyle must comply with the required standard for living in the cities.

Your target market comprises pregnant women, nursing mothers, and the rest. So, what are these business ideas? I will equally be showing you the best wholesale market in Lagos to buy baby products cheaper. Are you still with me? Let me show you.

Baby Diapers

The use of baby diapers among nursing mothers is not an indication of a luxury lifestyle but a daily necessity for busy moms. So, the consumption rate is high and keeps increasing because of the high level of awareness about baby hygiene. At least a newborn baby needs nothing less than five pieces of diapers per day.

If you do the calculation very well, a mother has to wear 150 pieces of diapers for a newborn baby in a month. The average cost of that is 7,500 naira. Just imagine the total cost per year. 

Check the complete guide on How to start a profitable diaper business here.

Here are the types of baby diapers you can sell in Nigeria:
Molfix Diaper
Dr. Brown Diaper
Lebrace Diaper
Kisskids diaper
Washable diaper
The following baby products can also complement your baby diaper business.
Baby diaper bags
Baby diaper backpack
Baby diaper cream

Read more about Fast and Best baby diapers in Nigeria here.

Baby Nutrition Business

Every now and then, we must eat as human beings. It is the non-exclusive duty of both the baby and the adult. Growing babies need daily essential nutrients in this early stage of their life. We have the infant or baby formula.

The second one is baby food. Please note there are differences. You may be wondering what is the difference between the two. A baby formula simply looks like breast milk. While baby food is semi-solid.

Do your due diligence to check the appropriate baby nutrition in your area before you start this business. No one will buy products they are not familiar with. Remember that African mothers are very conservative.

Also, the cost associated with feeding is high. So, no family will like to waste money on what a baby will not eat. Let me quickly add this, companies producing baby formula products are not allowed to advertise on any media.

So, don’t expect to see advertisements for baby nutrition products on any media. I mean adverts. Therefore, you need to sample opinions from open markets and mothers. Check online forums and Facebook groups to know which baby food move fast in the market.

Baby Clothes Business

The baby clothes business is a niche in the categories of baby products. Due to the population and rapid growth of babies, it is always in demand. In the baby clothes business, you can choose to be a wholesaler who now sells to retailers.

The consumers or preferably the shoppers buy from a retailer. To make it clearer, babies are the consumers of baby clothes while their mothers are the shoppers. Understand that babies can’t decide on their own yet.

But they need clothes to wear. So, there is one who buys and another one who consumes. Again, you need to pay attention to trends and fashions in this industry. Your good knowledge of this industry plays a major role in your success in the baby clothes business.

You may also decide to specialize on gender or unisex. This is completely your decision but must be knowledge-driven. Don’t just assume please research this. Investigate before you invest.

Baby Care Products

Baby’s skin is one of the most delicate parts of their body. So extra care needs to be given to nourish them always from head to toe. In any place where you can find a need note that there is a huge business opportunity there.

How do you plan to tap into this baby care industry? The baby care products market is estimated to be worth 17.2 billion globally as of 2022.

Some good examples of baby skin care products are baby soap, baby cream, baby powder, baby balm, etc. You can explore the following products from reliable baby care products suppliers.

These are some of the best baby care products:

Aveeno Baby Products

Little angel Baby Products

Sebamed Baby Lotion

Johnson Baby Products

Avila Baby Products

Pears Baby Products

Dove Baby Products

Dr Brown’s Wipes

The above products are trusted by mothers in the Nigerian market. But you can still find out from mothers other products in demand.

Baby Toy Products

Starting a baby store business is considered as a way of earning cool cash. Today, you have a good chance to survive in marketing. It is ever-demanding because of the growing awareness about the need for baby recreational tools. Toys are for different purposes and types.

Samples of toys in the market include

Musical toys

Educational toys

Bath Toys

Remote Control and Play Vehicle

Understand the market trends and most toy products are imported into the country.  

How to Market Your Products & Where to Get Baby Products

What is the essence of keeping products in your store without selling them? As a business owner, you need to map out a strategy to deploy in order to capture the market. Essentially, you need to reach out to mothers within your community through various platforms.

It could be the digital platform or physically appearing before your potential customers. Always make it easy for your customers to find you. If they can’t find you, then locate them. Know where they gather both online and offline.  

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You will easily find expecting mothers in clinics and nursing mothers in school forums. Know and note the best method to reach them and retain them. You can look into various WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, etc, that belong to mothers for potential customers. Create a blog for your baby products to educate your customers.

Please don’t spam the group with unnecessary information. You must provide a solution in the group. Market your products with good content. Lets me show you a good example:  Just write some nice articles about ten ways to keep your baby’s skin glowing always.

You will be amazed about people will read this and reach out to you to learn more and buy products from you. In the articles, you will list products that you have that can keep their baby’s skin glowing.  Is this making sense to you? Then try it out. Use videos either short or long videos on Tik-tok.  Understand that digital skills are needed in this modern time to grow your business, try this course on digital marketing.

I promised you earlier to show you where to get quality baby products in Lagos especially. The major open market to buy baby items in Lagos still remains Docemu Market. Some people call it Dosumu market. It is actually Docemu. The easiest way for to give you an idea of its location is Idumota, Lagos.  It is a very popular place in Lagos Nigeria.   


So, what next? Start to do the necessary things toward starting these lucrative business ideas. You will be surprised how far you will go if you implement your strategy well. The growing population is a major advantage you need to take off. Don’t wait till you get everything right.

Understand that it costs little to start this business. It is not capital intensive unlike starting a pure water factory. Has this article been helpful? Please leave a comment in the section below. Share this on your social media. You don’t know who this can help.    

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