Don’t Start Diaper Business If You Don’t Know This – 5 Things to Know Before Starting A Diaper Business

If there is any business to start this year, it is a baby diaper business. Each day babies are born in Nigeria and globally.  It is estimated that about 25,099 babies are born in Nigeria daily. This make the baby product business a fantastic things to sell to shoppers. In order to start this business of diaper you don’t need to break the bank. It is very important to know that starting this business does not require much capital.  There are various brands of baby diapers today that you can buy from various Nigeria Markets.

Much Does it cost to Start Diaper Business?

This question has various degrees to it. There are different categories of Customers.




The capital requirements are different from each one other. It depends on which category you wanna play. As a retailer you can start as low as N5,000 naira. It costs little to buy a jumbo pack of Molfix or other brands. There are other regular sizes that are more affordable.

As wholesaler, you need about 150,000 Naira to start. This will enable you to get some reasonable discount from the company. The discount varies from company to company. The company discount is 3%-5% on the total volume or your complete purchase value.

Distributors are the next to the company. They are assigned in a territory based on meeting certain business criteria. Such as market presence, distribution use, warehouse facilities and most importantly finance. Majorly a distributor buys from companies directly after paying millions of naira for goods. The company hereby ship to the customer warehouse.

What sizes move most?

Diapers come in different sizes, and you need to check your area for the one that sells better. But most often you will see shoppers or mothers go for size 3 of baby diapers. It is very common to see people buy this because alot of kids’ waist size fall in this category.

What’s brand can I buy?

Many brands of diapers are coming into Nigerian market each day. There are numbers of diaper brands in Nigeria today.
Here is the list of common one in Nigeria today:

Baby Cici
Kiss kids
Dr Brown

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Diaper Season

Diaper actually sells all year round, but there are seasons when diaper business is always at the peak. The factor contributing to this is due to weather condition. When the weather is cold babies tend to pass urine than in hot weather. So diaper usage is always high during the raining season and harmattan period.

Trends in Diaper

Manufacturers have different diaper features and designs. In today’s market, mother tends to buy diapers that have back tape elastic. The major advantage of this feature is that it prevents back linkage of baby pup. The demand for more of this kind of diapers is getting higher. These following diapers have this amazing features :

Kiss Kids