10 Hot Selling Baby Diapers in Nigeria

There are over thirty diaper companies in Nigeria today. And if you are interested in diaper business, it is necessary to understand baby diapers in Nigeria that are in serious demand.

The simple reason is that over the last couple of years, the diaper war has become stiffer. Therefore these diaper companies are making all efforts to be in the top 10 best known brands.

So these 10 baby diaper brands in Nigeria have set themselves out in the tough competition in the industry. They are regarded as the best baby diapers in Nigeria because of quality, price and availability.

Molfix Diaper

Molfix is an undisputable No. 1 established baby diaper brand in Nigeria. It displaced the almighty P&G’s Pampers in the market.

Molfix has over 40 percent market share. The simple way to explain this is that, if hundred people go to the market to buy baby diapers, forty will choose Molfix diapers.

This is a huge figure as compared to the number of baby diapers in the Nigerian market. The maker of Molfix diapers is Hayat Kimya Nigeria Limited.

Huggies Diaper

Huggies is a product of Kimberly Clark. This is an American company that believes in quality. This company offers premium brands at affordable prices. Its brand – Huggies is one of the contenders for major market share in the industry.

Everyone who knows Huggies thinks of quality first. The company opened its production plant in Nigeria some months ago. The multi-million dollar factory was commissioned by Nigeria’s Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo.

Baby Cici Diaper

You can’t but recognize the entrant of some market disruptors including the manufacturer of Baby Cici Diapers – Cedar and Cradle Limited. This brand was introduced in 2020 with all concentration of efforts into open markets, hypermarkets, and other modern trade.

Bebem Diaper

This is another major brand that’s in high demand based on its affordability for most low-income families. It is manufactured by Hayat Kimya Nigeria Limited. The manufacturer sees the need to have a double play strategy that will enable them to take another major share in the industry.

Kiss Kids Diaper

After it was introduced into the Kenya market, Kiss Kids finds its way into the Nigerian market. The Voyage International Company is branded with unique elastic band features that have made it appealing to mothers because this feature prevents backward linkage of baby poo.

Besides, the adjustable elastic tape easily fits the baby’s side in a fashionable manner. Kiss kids is a Chinese brand of diapers that is making waves in the market. It has national distribution across Nigeria.

Lebrace Diaper

Lebrace Baby Diapers comes from the word “let’s embrace”. Goonite Hygiene Limited aims to penetrate the market using competitive prices to gain the hearts of mothers who love an affordable brand with good pricing.

This brand came into the market when the economic condition wasn’t favourable for a lot of homes. Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko is the Lebrace brand ambassador.

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Softcare Diaper

You can’t mention some formidable names without talking about Softcare baby diapers. It was recently launched into the market and has carved a name in the industry. Softcare diapers price in Nigeria is among the cheapest you can get in the market.

Yara Diaper

Yara baby diapers even though less than six months in the market, is already commanding a reasonable amount of market share due to their distribution network. It is produced by Fouani Nigeria Limited. They are the exclusive distributor of LG products.

Dr Brown Diaper

Wemmy Industries Limited is the first indigenous diaper company in Nigeria. It prides itself on the Dr. Brown brand. Wemmy is a well-established diaper company that has an array of products that are manufactured locally and exported to some African countries. Read more about Dr Brown products here .

Virony Diaper

This is a baby diaper with exceptional comfort all day long. It is disposable underwear designed for all babies of different sizes.

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